War and History Non-Fiction posted May 15, 2018

This work has reached the exceptional level
Courage above and beyond the call of duty!


by Commando

Dedicated to the keepers of freedom!
My prayer,  "May the patriotism, raw courage and fighting spirit exemplified by those heroes having fallen in battle,  continue to live on and perpetuate within the hearts and minds of our young children who shall serve tomorrow and always.  God bless America, our home, sweet home!"

Back during the Gulf War, (1990-1991) I had the distinct honor of leading a Joint Services Commando Team on several missions to seek out and destroy Saddam Hussein.  Some dreams come true, yet others don't!  Although the sly ole fox evaded us, he later swung from a rope.

Did you ever ask yourself, "Who are heroes and what makes them tick?"  There are those who say, "Why they're myths like in story books."  I say to them, "Stop reading fairy tales.  Heroes are fact not fiction, some laugh others cry."  There were those of us who came home sitting in a plane, yet others returned in box.

War Memorials may be found in many countries and are usually high profile.  Throughout history our brave men and women have fought and died in wars or conflicts. Countless bodies were brought home, then buried in the hallowed grounds.  They await the final call of God! 

Oh, yes!  We beat the drum and clashed the cymbals.  The blood and guts of it all is etched on my mind.  There are times I stand alone among our heroes as the sun fades into the west.  Listening closely,  I can almost hear the gut-wrenching sound of TAPS as it echoes across their headstones and against the ears of God!  "Hurrah!"  I yell.  Then say, "Goodbye to them all."  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!  The 'rat, tat, tats and kaboom, kabooms' are silent now and I thank God for His gift.  

True Story Contest contest entry


The writing of 'Salute' was especially gratifying to me as it commemorates those less fortunate who died in the folds of Ole Glory! As always, thanks for reading my work, best wishes and God bless. My appreciation to Suep for the artwork.
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Artwork by suep at FanArtReview.com

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