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Sins of Chaos/A Novel of the Breedline series

A chapter in the book Sins of Chaos

She-Wolf/Part Two

by scongrove

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.


Ten years ago, the compound Abbey Winthrop and Steven Craven were kept imprisoned and experimented on for years, suddenly came under attack. As Steven managed to escape, Abbey was captured.

Desperate to find Abbey, Steven vowed he would never give up searching for his true love.    


Abbey cut the engine as the small, inflatable boat neared the sandy beach of Lake Anza in Berkeley, located in the hills of Tilden Regional Park. The moon shimmered as she looked up at the dark sky, and only one or two stars poked through the cloud cover. Surrounded by darkness, Abbey focused on her destination to move quickly to shore without being seen.

She swallowed her fear and glanced nervously over her shoulder before she stepped out of the boat. Abbey knew she was taking a risk, but she was out of options. A group of underground scientists hired by billionaire clients—who hunted men and women gifted with supernatural rarities—were closing in on her. She could sense them in every part of her body. The mere thought of them brought back haunted memories of the past.

The ruthless scientist known as Dr. Hans Autenburg sold her father Jonah for his healing abilities to a wealthy man on a mission to cure his mistress Natasha, who was dying of cancer. Valkin Steele wasn’t a good man. He was the type of monster that would sell out whoever he needed to, to achieve his ends. Valkin was cold, evil, the very devil.

Jonah was an Adalwolf, but his gift wasn’t powerful enough to heal a fatal wound or illness. He died painfully after being forced to use his abilities on Natasha. With enough power and wealth at his disposal, Valkin had Natasha seen by the best physicians in the world. But there was nothing they could do. She couldn’t be saved. 

Now, running out of time, Valkin was desperate to locate an Adalwolf that possessed the ability to cure his dying beloved. When Abbey overheard Dr. Autenburg’s plans to capture and sell Steven to Mr. Steele, she wanted to kill him. Knowing she had to warn Steven, she planned her escape and the death of Dr. Hans Autenburg. Mr. Steele would be her next target. One way or the other, she would make damn sure he wouldn’t get away unpunished. Abbey remembered the day as if it had been only hours since the last time she looked into the mad physician’s cold and calculating glare.

It was early in the morning when Abbey managed to slip past the female nurse that always administered a heavy dose of sedatives. The drugs were used on Abbey repeatedly to keep her she-wolf at bay. Without a single glance back, Abbey hurried down a long hallway. She’d spent months memorizing the passageway that led her to Dr. Autenburg’s laboratory. Abbey knew every turn by heart.

Before Abbey reached to open the door, she heard voices in the near distance. She recognized the German accent of at least two guards, each willing to give their life for the man who hired them. Today she was more than happy to accommodate their sacrifice.

As she quickly pushed her way through the door, Dr. Autenburg stared unflinchingly at her. 

“What is zee meaning of zis?” he retorted, his voice laced with a German accent.

She wasn’t going waste her time talking to the bastard. Abbey had only seconds to shift into her Lupa and end his pathetic life before she made her getaway. Even if it takes every bit of strength I have left, she vowed, I’m putting an end to this nightmare. 

The physician shrank back in fear, watching helplessly as Abbey’s transformation accelerated at a phenomenal rate. She tore at her clothing, stripping herself as her petite frame swelled to massive proportions. As she shifted, a human scream devolved into an anguished howl. Standing erect upon her legs, Abbey’s towering Lupa was over seven feet tall. Coarse black fur covered her naked body. Little of humanity remained in her monstrous features. Abbey’s she-wolf was larger and less human-looking than any other Lupa Dr. Autenburg had ever encountered. Coal-black eyes peered out from beneath a sloping brow. Tufted ears tapered to a point atop her bristled dark head. And then her fleshy black muzzle formed into a sinister, wolfish-grin. 

In the blink of an eye, Abbey’s Lupa tackled Dr. Autenburg, knocking him to the cold, concrete floor. He landed hard, with the she-wolf right on top of him, and the impact drove the breath from his lungs. Before he could scream for help, a gaping maw closed on his face, crushing it between two powerful jaws. Bone crunched, and a geyser of crimson exploded over the creature’s snout and furry pelt. Only a death rattle escaped Dr. Autenburg’s throat.

As the two guards rushed inside, they froze in their tracks, taken aback by the nightmarish spectacle before them. They found Abbey’s Lupa hunched over Dr. Autenburg’s mangled body. The she-wolf’s bristling pelt was black as night, and her crazed eyes were the color of onyx gemstones. Gore dripped from her mammoth jaws as she ripped out the physician’s heart with her teeth.

The she-wolf sniffed the air, catching the guard’s scent. Abandoning her prey, she reared back on her haunches and unleashed an unearthly roar.

Swinging a shotgun around, a guard opened fire on Abbey’s Lupa, as did the other. She staggered back in surprise; the impact of the bullets causing her to gyrate upon her heels. As pools of blood spouted from the bullet holes, a righteous fury rose up inside her like a gathering storm. Fueled by anger, Abbey’s heart pumped the bloodline of her Lupa ancestors through her body, infusing her with strength and purpose. With an unexpected burst of power, she moved with supernatural speed and struck both of the guards like a battering ram, knocking them to the ground. The she-wolf’s hot breath blasted their faces, and her bloodthirsty roar thundered in their ears. As she bared her razor-sharp teeth and opened her jaws wide, saliva foamed from her gaping mouth in anticipation of their human flesh. Within seconds, their existence ended as the creature tore them into pieces.

Abbey fled the compound, never once looking back. There was nothing for her there, but memories of endless pain. But she wasn’t the only one that managed to break free. Something far more dangerous had escaped the confinements of the facility.

As Abbey put miles between her and Dr. Autenburg’s compound, she finally let herself relax, shifting back to her human form. And she dared to hope the impossible. After all these years, she yearned for freedom and to reunite with her beloved, Steven.  

Unbeknown to Abbey, years ago, Dr. Autenburg had played god, creating what he called, The Fury. He used his own DNA and mixed it with three other species: A Breedline, an Adalwolf, and a powerful Wiccan. He’d placed three embryos inside the womb of a full-blooded succubus, named Sonya Hothburn. Taken against her will, Sonya was forced by the mad physician into surrogacy. After their birth, she was forbidden to see her children. Sonya was stripped of all her rights as a mother and kept a prisoner.

Even though children had never been his goal, Dr. Autenburg felt transformed after the birth of his son and two daughters. He’d called his first born Apollyon, meaning “destroyer” in Greek. It was also the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and author of havoc on earth.
When Autenburg laid eyes on his daughter, she was tiny and delicate as a porcelain doll. As he held her in his arms, the name Callisto seemed fitting. It meant “most beautiful.” And when the last child was born, he was mesmerized by her eyes. They glowed like two shimmering diamonds. He named her Electra, meaning “the shining one.”

All three were created to battle in the war against the Breedline species, a strategy to ensure his success. The new breed would kill off their race until there was nothing left. His offspring were not like other children, hadn’t been since birth, growing at a phenomenal rate. Inheriting their species instinct and extraordinary power, their thirst to kill became uncontrollable. They were no more content to obey Autenburg’s rules than a lion satisfied confined in a small cage. As time went by, The Fury became more and more unstable and unruly. With an insatiable hunger for human flesh and unmanageable powers, they became a hindrance to the physician as they aged. Dr. Autenburg had no other choice but to drug and imprison his grown children for all time, each one placed inside a sarcophagus in a state of deep slumber to be forgotten forever. And now, Apollyon, Callisto, and Electra were mysteriously awakened from their suspended unconsciousness... and set free.

Snapping back to reality, Abbey put the past behind her for now and refocused on her surroundings. Realizing time was of the essence, she had to find a way to locate Steven before Steele’s men got to him first. As she eased the boat further onto the shore, a noise ahead alerted her. And then a loud pop blasted, the sound echoing from a short distance away. She immediately grabbed her arm as pain exploded inside her skin. Someone had shot her with a tranquilizer. She fought to keep her panic at bay as terror hit her like a sledgehammer.

Abbey squeezed her eyes shut against a beam of light shining on her face.

“Don’t move, Abbey,” said a deep, rough, slightly accented voice.  

She cracked open one eye, focusing on the brightness and stared up at a blurred image of a man looming over her. She glanced around and didn’t see anyone else.     

When the bright light lowered, the ground became illuminated, and a sudden flash of fear nearly paralyzed her. Abbey’s eyes widened when she recognized the icy expression in the face of Valkin Steele’s hired bodyguard. Roman Kincaid was big and menacing. He had tanned skin like he’d spent hours in the sun. His dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and his eyes were as dark as night. Trained in military tactics, Roman was a special breed of hired warriors from Brazil and Valkin’s right-hand man.  

“Where is the Adalwolf?” 
Her brows wrinkled, and she tried to process her surroundings. Abbey was afraid she’d be right back in the hands of monsters, forced to endure more horrific experiments. And there was no way she was going to help them find Steven. The mere thought sent agony tearing through her body. It took everything she had to gather strength before the drugs kicked in. But it was too late. The effects of the tranquilizer blurred her vision, momentarily blinding her. Abbey tumbled to the ground, landing in the soft, wet sand.  
Roman cursed and immediately knelt beside her, running his big hands over her fragile body.

“Damn it, Abbey. I’m not here to hurt you.”

Her lips parted, and her breath rushed out. She gasped, barely getting the words out, “I won’t tell you—”

“Abbey, I want you to listen to me.” His voice was calm and oddly soothing. “I had no other choice but to sedate you. I couldn’t take the risk of you shifting into your Lupa.”

Her pulse leaped, and her throat tightened as she struggled to stay conscious. Abbey stared up at Roman, knowing she didn’t possess the strength to escape. She’d managed to maintain her freedom for years, keeping herself off the grid, desperately searching for Steven. But now, there was nothing she could do to prevent him from taking her back. Tears spilled from the corners of her eyes.

“I’m an Adalwolf, too,” he said, wiping at the moisture on her cheeks. 

His declaration mesmerized her as did those dark eyes of his staring intently into hers. Was this a trap? What if he was lying only to gain her trust? 
“Trust me, Abbey. I’m going to help you. But I need to get you out of here and to a secure location. Steele’s men are not far from here.”

She nodded and briefly closed her eyes and then reopened them, focusing once more on his face.

Roman turned his head and looked into the near distance, motioning someone over.

Abbey tensed when a big burly man came into her blurred field of vision and hovered over her. His arms and legs were as thick as tree trunks, bulging with muscles. Her pulse exploded as she tried to move, but Roman put his hand on her shoulder. “It’s all right, Abbey,” he said, looking up at the huge man towering above them. “This is a trusted friend of mine and a Breedline council member of the New Jersey Covenant. He’s also a trained medic. His name is Lawrence Colbert.”

Lawrence smiled, white teeth flashing against his dark skin. “It’s a pleasure, Miss Abbey,” he said in a deep baritone. “I’m here to help Roman get you to safety. Then I’m going to hunt the bastards down who hurt you, and castrate every last one of them.”

The gentleness in the voice of the giant man baffled her, and she was oddly comforted by his savage vow. Abbey glanced nervously between the two men, wondering if they were real or a hallucination.

As Roman looked into Abbey’s eyes, he saw the helplessness and fear resonating from them. God, he’d felt like a total tool. All this time employed by Valkin Steele hired as his personal bodyguard, Roman had no idea the cold-hearted bastard was paying an underground organization to experiment on innocent people just for their supernatural rarities. He felt like a traitor to his own kind. With the help of the Breedline Covenant’s, he was going to expose everyone involved. The image of Valkin Steele made his gut churn. Roman had a mission...  and it involved Steele’s head on a stake, and his corpse blazing with fire.

Swallowing the knot in his throat, Roman gently smoothed a strand of Abbey’s hair away from her face and said, “Take deep breaths, Abbey. I promise. We’ll reunite you with Steven, and we’re not going to let anything happen to you.”

This time Lawrence knelt by her side, his voice quiet and gentle. “All right, Miss Abbey. I’m going to pick you up. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands.”

She nodded her acceptance, and as soon as she did, Lawrence slid his arm underneath Abbey’s legs. He hooked his other arm behind her and slowly lifted her into his massive arms.

“Ready, Abbey?” Roman said, standing next to Lawrence.

Abbey nodded again. She had no idea why they professed to want to help her, but she decided to put herself in their hands. Besides, what other choice did she have?

To be continued...


NOTE: This is not part of the chapter. A reference for terms and cast of characters, especially for new readers:

BREEDLINE - A species of humans that have the ability to change from human form into a wolf. They are not like the old legend of the Lycanthropy myth. Breedline species can shift into their wolf at will. The moon has no power over them. They do not pass their ability to other humans with a bite or scratch like the Lycanthropy myth.
The Breedline gene is passed down to offspring that are born identical twins. Although they live among humans, their species must be kept secret.
In wolf form, they have super strength, speed, and heightened senses. Compared to humans, Breedlines have tremendous advantages when it comes to health. Their bodies heal fast and are not subject to illnesses or diseases. The only thing that slows their healing process is silver. It is their kryptonite. Besides old age, a silver bullet to the brain is the only thing deadly to the species.
All males change into their wolf at the age of eighteen. Females do not go through the change until they make love to their Breedline bonded mate.

BREEDLINE TWINS - Identical twins that are born from either one or both parents of the Breedline species. They have a strong, unbreakable bond from birth, are born with telepathic abilities, and have the power to sense the other's emotions or injuries. In some cases, the bond between twins is so strong, that if one dies, the other twin may pass on, especially if they don't have a mate.

BREEDLINE BONDING - The male Breedline spends their life in search of their bonded mate. When the male comes in contact with her, he instantly feels a simultaneous, desirable attraction and she becomes the most important thing in his life. He is there to love, protect, and cherish her until death. Once they are mated, they bond for life. It is possible for them to have more than one mate in their lifespan.

BELOVED - A word used by a Breedline to express the bond to their mate.

DOUBLE BONDED - In some cases, male Breedline twins bond with the same female but one will carry a stronger bond. Usually one of them must sacrifice for the other twin.

BREEDLINE COVENANT - The Breedline species must live within the boundaries of a Covenant, which is only formed with their species. The Covenant is governed and ruled by a head council. The council keeps their laws in order and oversees the species population.

THE BREEDLINE QUEEN - Over centuries the Breedline Covenant is ruled by a true queen. If there is no queen living, the Covenants are governed by an appointed head council until another one is born. A Breedline queen is born once every one hundred years. Her massive stature, black fur, and red eyes are the queen's trademarks. Her alpha wolf has twice the strength, speed, and size of any Breedline. The queen is expected to rule over all the Breedline Covenants where she will be respected and obeyed by all Breedline. This is their absolute True Law.

THE QUEENS RING - This ring has been passed down to all Breedline queens for generations. When the new queen places the ring on, it instantly shifts in size to fit her finger.

TRUE LAW - All Breedline Covenants have an ancient book of laws. If either sex disobeys the Breedline laws, they can be shunned, or no longer protected by their Covenant. If a Breedline takes another life out of revenge, or evil - other than protecting their life, and the life of another - they will never have the ability to shift back human and cast out as a rogue wolf.

ROGUE WOLF - A Breedline shunned by their Covenant for taking another life out of revenge or evil and forced to live as a wolf until death without the ability to change human again. Some rogue wolves form into packs, which can be dangerous for other Breedline species.

RED (BLOOD) MOON - When the full moon passes through the amber shadow of the earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So begins a lunar eclipse tetrad, a series of four consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six-month intervals. This incredible light beams into the heart of earth's shadow, filling it with a coppery glow and transforming the moon into a great red orb. During this time, all Breedline species that are mated have a strong desire to create an offspring. This is also a time when Breedline females are more fertile for the conception of twins.

SUCCUBUS (a.k.a CREEPERS) - Creatures that search for, and feeds off the blood of the Breedline species. Creepers are skilled at extreme sexual pleasure, and the ecstasy they create is exceedingly intense and highly addictive. They cast off a scent that hypnotizes Breedlines into overwhelming sexual urges. They use their human-like bodies and beautiful features to control and influence their thoughts.
They have the ability to reach into the Breedline's mind during sleep, casting a spell of dreams about sexual contact, or intercourse. And one much less obvious manifestation of Creepers is nightmares - realistic, graphic, terrifying nightmares that rob the Breedline of sleep. Over a period, it can lead to severe fatigue and depression, leaving them emotionally and spiritually drained. Death can occur if they ultimately take over the Breedline's body.

HALF-BREED - This species is born with the genes from both Breedline and succubus. They can bond with either a full-blood Breedline or another half-breed. They cannot change into the Breedline wolf, but they do need blood from them to survive. With the power to hypnotize, most Breedlines have minimal respect and credence toward the half-breed species.

WICCA (or Wise One) - According to the Breedline species, a Wicca is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. A Wicca is also considered to be a demonic spirit. It is unclear to the Breedline if they act under the orders of the devil, or they are simply not understood and treated as outcasts. They can do white magic (good) or dark (evil).

ADALWOLF - A species that has the power to shift from their human form into a beautiful creature, three times the size, resembling half man and half wolf. Born with super-strength, they can move from one place to another in supernatural speed. Their eyes take on the appearance of two-shimmering diamonds. With the power to regenerate their own cells, an Adalwolf will stop aging at thirty. The moon has no power over them. And an Adalwolf is immune to silver. They can bond with any species.

LUPA - The ancestors descended from the old legend of the lycanthrope, except the moon has no power over them and it cannot be passed on to others like a virus. It is passed on through genetics to the female offspring, known as a she-wolf. This type of creature shape-shifts into a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, and is considered dangerous... cursed.

Steven Pasquale (a.k.a Steven Craven) - He inherited the genes of a Breedline and an Adalwolf. He was taken from his mother and forced to endure a life of endless, painful experiments by two German physicians; Dr. Hans Autenburg and Dr. Hubert Crane. Without the knowledge of his real family, Steven finally manages to escape his captors, locating his biological parents and his fraternal twin, Tessa Fairchild. Now, after years of being separated, Steven continues his search for his one true love, Abbey.

Abigail Winthrop (a.k.a Abbey) - She inherited her mother's genetics of a Lupa (she-wolf). While kept prisoner for years by a ruthless scientist, Dr. Hans Autenburg, Abbey was used as a research project in hopes of creating a new breed of species. During her captivity, she bonded with Steven, who was kept prisoner at the same research facility in Munich, Germany.

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