Commentary and Philosophy Fiction posted April 16, 2018

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Is it worth it?


by SilentWisp

This corner again. The same crooked sign, cracked sidewalk, rugged looking man sleeping against the brick wall. I look up at the sign. It's so hazy I can't make out the letters. Where am I going again? Foreword, a little voice urges me. Just keep walking. I will my aching legs to move as I hop a particularly nasty crack in the sidewalk.

Crooked sign. Burbling brook. Rising hill. Musty pastures. Dense forest. The crossroads. I must have seen these cross roads a thousand times. Two paths extend from this dense forest, seemingly branching into two opposite directions. Both paths are crushed flat by thousands of ancient footsteps. Thousands of travelers I can never see, let alone follow. There was a time when I hesitated, debating which path would get me out of this seemingly endless maze. Not anymore. I move foreword, barely thinking.

I pause. Why am I still doing this? Why push myself in this monotonous torture? Foreword, the voice whispers again, keep moving forward. I don't move though.

What if I -- No. The voice insists, reading my thoughts. One more step. I take a step forward. Then another. But maybe I can just take a br- Don't, the voice cuts me off again. Just another step.

I'm drenched in sweat, breathing heavily against the battle raging within. My hand trembles, holding the tool that anchors me in this world but can just as easily tip me over the edge. Move forward? Or stop here? End this torture? Or bear with it? I put the tool down. It's hidden. A last resort, patiently waiting for me to give up.

I don't.

I look up at the dense canopy. The leaves calmly sway in the breeze, completely oblivious to my struggles. Just another step. Maybe the haze will clear. Maybe the man will wake. I move forward through the cross roads.

The corner again. The same crooked sign, cracked sidewalk, rugged looking man sleeping against the brick wall. I look up at the sign and sigh. As hazy as ever. I don't wait for the voice this time. I take another step forward.

Lost - Flash Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story under 500 words about being lost

I constantly ask myself, why am I here? What is it all for? A question I still haven't found the answer too but I keep searching.
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