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The deputies interview Buford.

A chapter in the book Dothan

Caleb and Lionel get to Work

by Thomas Bowling

Caleb and Lionel wasted no time. They started by retracing Dothan's tracks. When they arrived at The Cajun Kitchen, Buford, the owner, had heard about Dothan. 

“This is terrible. I hate to think that comin' here may have had 
anythang to do with it.”

“There's no indication that it was related. We just need a startin' point. This was Dothan's only stop yesterday. Did you notice anybody hangin' around here for the last week or so that seemed out of place?”

As Caleb questioned him, Buford was wringing his hands and sweated profusely. “Nobody. Believe me, I've wracked my brain tryin' to piece it together, but I'm drawin' a blank.”

“I don't expect to find 
anythang, but we're gonna have a look around.”

“Sure. If there's somethin' I can do, let me know. Do you fellas want some coffee?”

Lionel accepted the offer. “Coffee sounds good.”

As Buford carried the coffee, the cup rattled on the saucer.

Buford saw the way Lionel watched his hands. “I guess 
I'm shook up by this. It's terrible. I can't believe it.” Before, he was occasionally scratching his arms. Now, he started scratching in earnest.

The deputies searched the property surrounding the diner. Having found nothing, they slowly made their way back toward Lufkin. After a sharp curve in the road, Caleb pulled over. “This is where the ambulance found him. Maybe we'll have better luck here.”

They scoured the area for clues.

Lionel gave up the search and put his hands on his hips. “Did 
anythang strike you as funny back at the diner. I got the feelin' that Buford knows more than he was lettin' on. He was plenty nervous. Did you get a look at his arms? What would put him on edge like that?”

“I noticed it. There's somethin' Buford's not tellin' us.”

Caleb looked up and down the road. "Dothan stopped here for some reason but didn't radio it in. Dothan never gets out of his cruiser without tellin' Hellen. Somethin' doesn't make sense. I don't see 
anythang here but dirt. Let's go see Buford again. Maybe we can figure out why he's so twitchy.”

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