General Fiction posted April 13, 2018

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Just recently learned what playing opossum means!

Playing Opossum For Real

by Mary Hollingsworth

Ever since I was a knee-high child, pretending to be asleep, I have always heard the term used, "you're playing opossum!" But I never understood it nor knew why it was said.

But this past weekend I learned what the term really meant. Coming back from a movie, late at night, a friend and I drove up and discovered that my friend's dog had dragged a fat opossum in the yard after he had killed it.

My friend began to yell at the dog to stop gnawing on the opossum's hind leg. So she tied the dog up and left the dead opossum in the yard with intentions to bury it the next day.
When she got up to bury the opossum, she screamed and called for me to come. We disovered the opossum breathing loudly and giving birth to several baby opossums.

Now that's playing opossum for real!

150 Words Flash Fiction contest entry


Sometimes you just pass on things that have been said to you when you were a child and not know where the term came from. But this weekend I really learned what playing opossum really meant and where it came from and I was in pure shock. And opossums can really pretend to be dead and somehow not breath until necessary. This weekend I saw evidence of an opossum that was thought to be dead to the dog and to my friend and I. But the next morning but was found to be actually alive.
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