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Jesus Christ is a Treasure

by Harry Smith

I made so many mistakes in my life trying to do what is right. I have always loved people and I've tried to treaty everybody right. I was taught right from wrong all through my childhood so when I became an adult I knew when I was doing something wrong. My Father had a drinking problem he was drunk every weekend that every I can remember, and he argued with his brother. We lived with our uncle and his family in the house their parents left one of them, we don't know which one because the argued about who the house belong too, all our lives. I remember thinking to myself, if there is one thing I wasn't going to do and that is drink alcohol. Well I joined the military as soon as I graduated high school. My first assignment was Turkey. I met other young men and all they did after work was drink. I felt left out so I would have a drink or two myself and then I started having more. Well what I said I was not going to do I did. I drank every weekend after my first assignment. My second assignment was in California where I met my wife. I got married after about a year of dating but was separated about a year after marriage. I found a lot of reasons to drink and continued drinking. My wife and I finally separated permanently. My next assignment was in Germany, we were the first Americans to arrive in that part of Germany. We were assigned to establish the base in Germany, I was assigned there for eighteen months. We had a lot of free time to drink. We started what we use to call the Federal club which was really a brand of whisky. I was one of the leaders of the federal club. My next assignment was a base in Spokane, WA. I was stationed in Spokane WA for approximately three years. The last year of that assignment is when I met my son's mother. My son's mother was pregnant when I got an assignment to England.
I spent every weekend in London England and continued my heavy drinking. I saw my son for the first time when he was about two years. What a joy that was. I never drank in front of my son until he was about sixteen years old. My last assignment was in Warner Robins, GA. I was stationed at Robins, AFB for approximately six years prior to retirement from the military.

I retired March 1989 and went to work for Electromagnetic Sciences on April3, 1989. I started working in the Security Department as an entry level employee. After being with the company for less than a year an opportunity came open to be the Security Manager. I applied for the position and was told that I would get the position if I became certified. I need to be a Certified Facility Security Officer. Well I asked for the opportunity to take the test for certification. The woman that was in the position could not pass the certification test. To be honest no one thought I would pass but since I applied for the position, and I was doing the work they agreed to let travel to take the test. I studied those three days for the test. I can remember the night before the test I was up to after midnight. I prayed before taking the test. I knew I passed the test as soon as I finished with the test. The lady that reviewed my test papers smiled at me and I was sure then I passed the test. When I returned to work the following Monday, my boss asked me how I think I did and was very surprise when I said I thought I passed the test. My boss received notice that I passed the test on that Wednesday. He called me in to tell me. At that time, he informed me that I was going to be offered the position but the titled had changed to Security Supervisor. I asked him why they changed the title he indicated that he really didn't know but I could get promoted up to the manager's position. I accepted the position. I was in the manufacturing building when I started at the company and was moved to the corporate building when I accepted the position of Security Supervisor. Management really did not like the fact that I was in that position. I worked very hard, working on most Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday. Since I was a salaried employee I did not receive additional pay for working on the weekends. I did a lot of drinking back then and I was determined that I was going to be successful regardless o how difficult management was making it for me. We were inspected by the government annually. I passed the inspections and the auditor told management that I was doing an outstanding job. We received a very large contract and the company finally decided I needed help. The hired me help but they made the person they hired the Security Manager. I was very upset but decided I was not going to leave the job I was still the Certified Facility Security Officer. We work together for approximately three years. After he left I asked for the position of Security Manager. They really couldn't deny me the position since I was doing the work. I got the position and now all I needed to do was get the pay. I was so underpaid. I finally got my appropriate pay. By now my drinking was out of control. I was really a practicing alcoholic at that time. I was functioning well on the job and I was taking care of my personal business. The drinking started affecting my life. I got my first DUI around 2003. I was given a fine and some community service and a permit to drive to work and other appointments, so it really didn't affect my life style. Then during one of my doctor visits my doctor informed me that I was an alcoholic until then I didn't think I had a problem with my drinking. I remained in denial until I received my second DUI. This time I had a terrible accident which my air bag deployed, and the front of the car was really smashed. I must admit I was very drunk and I was very lucky not to be injured in that accident. This time I received a one-year suspension of my driver's license, fifteen-hundred fine, drug and alcohol classes and two-hundred fifty community hours. I told my lawyer there was no way I could do all of that and he said you must. I prayed my way through all the punishment and paid a monthly bill to make sure I was able to go to work. During that one-year period I found Jesus Christ in a way I had never. I started to write poems every day, I did this for the whole period I couldn't drive. I would write the poems and put them in a drawer. One day I went in the drawer and start reading the poems it was then that I realize I was given a gift. I submitted my work to a publisher that decided to publish a book. I published a book in 2005, 2006 and 2007. I stopped writing for over ten years. I continued to drink until I prayed one night for Jesus Christ to take the taste of alcohol out of my moth and He did before I knew it I wasn't drinking, Jesus Christ delivered me from alcoholism. I started smoking excessively after that and I no longer liked smoking and I prayed one night to be able to stop. Saturday night I bought some Nicorette gum and that Sunday morning I chose to chew the gum on the way to church instead of smoking. I got rid of the gum after church. I never smoked another cigarette. I was delivered from nicotine addiction. I found a treasure in Jesus Christ who saved my life and set me free from alcohol and nicotine.

Today I tell my testimony regarding my deliverance from alcohol and nicotine in hopes that I can help someone else find the treasure that I found in Jesus Christ my Savior.

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Jesus Christ is awesome
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