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A fantasy about smart phones

Police Report

by Henry King

There was a knock on the door. I told those evangelists, I didn't want a bible reading an hour ago. Can't they take no for an answer. Class starts in a couple of hours, damn. "Okay, okay, I'm coming."

Opening the door, I'm ready to let them know, that I mean no! Uh oh, two guys, one in a police uniform. "Good morning. How may I help you?"

The civilian suited one asked, "Are you Ralph Murray?"

"Yes sir."

"I am Detective Romero and this is Patrolman Sanchez. We are from the El Paso Police Department. I have a warrant for your arrest and one authorizing the search of your house for evidence. You have been accused of Slavery, Child Molestation, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Transporting a Minor for Sexual Purposes and Bestiality."


"Open the door Mr. Murray!"

"Are you aware of your rights, Mr. Murray?"


"Do you want an attorney present?"

"Right now, no, because I haven't done those things."

"You do understand, anything you say may be used as evidence against you?"

"Yes sir."

"Do you know a child named Sami?"

"I have a grandson named Sam, who is twenty-six."

"No, this is a young female who says her name is Sami. It's spelled with one m and an i."

"No sir, I don't know her."

"She says you do. You bought her about two years, ago."

"I would like to see some evidence. My wife passed away last year. I am sure she would have kicked me out of the house and turned me over to the authorities, if I did something like that."

"I have a recording of Sami. Talking on your phone and making those accusations. I'll let you hear it in a few minutes. I need to ask you some more questions."


"Do you know any of these people; Ilona Andrews, Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Tanya Huff or Faith Hunter?"

"I know of them. I don't know them personally."

"Do you correspond with them?"

"Yes, I read their blogs on the internet. I respond in reader forums. Each of them is a Top Ten Author in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance genre of the New York Times, Barnes and Noble and Amazon."

"I have most of my communications with them on my tablet. Would you care to look through them?"

"Yes I would. Do you have a computer, Mr. Murray?"

'Yes, it is in my office, down this hall."

"Do you have a telephone?"

"Yes, but I left it in Dallas. It is supposed to arrive shortly. My son overnighted it through FEDEX."

"While we are waiting for the delivery, listen to this recording."

"El Paso Police Department. How may I help you?"

"My name is Sami. I want to report that Ralph Murray abandoned me in Dallas. I thought he was taking me to Dallas to get married. Just like Aaron Chervenak did in Las Vegas."

"Sami, hold on for a minute, while I transfer you to Detective Romero."

"Detective Romero. How may I help you?"

"My name is Sami. I was abandoned in Dallas by Ralph Murray. Ralph's grandson, Larry, woke me up the next day in Georgetown. He told his dad, I was on the floor of his car, and he would send me back to Dallas. I blacked out again. I woke up when a man took me off the airplane and carried me to another man. The first man told the second one that I was to be taken to Ralph's address this morning. That's when I called 911. I am supposed to be dropped off at Ralph's this morning at ten AM."

"How are you related to Mr. Murray?"

"He bought me about two-years ago."

"He bought you?"


"Do you know where he bought you?

'No, but I was in a large room with several others. We were either chained to a wall or locked up. They put us on display when someone wanted to see how we reacted, when our buttons were pushed. Pushing the right buttons, turned us on."

"Ralph said, he selected me, because I was the smartest of the bunch. I was worth every dollar he paid for me."

"How old are you Sami?"

"I don't know, but I'm not ten-years old yet."

"Was Ralph intimate with you?"

'I should say so. He carried me clasped to him. He always had access to my buttons. He played with me a lot. I was turned on most of the time. The only time he let me sleep was when he was asleep. He would wake me up and start playing with my buttons at odd hours."

"Were there other things he did, that seemed wrong?"

"Yes, he communicated with people who wrote about intimate human and animal relationships."

"Do you know the names of these people?"

"Yes, Ilona ... ."

"Detective Romero," answering his phone.

"This is Sami. The driver said we would be at Ralph's house in five minutes."

"Okay Sami, I'll meet you there."

"Mr. Murray, let me remind you, anything you say, may be used against you in court. Do you want an attorney present?"

"No sir. I bought a Samsung smart phone at Verizon two-years, ago. I still have the Sales Receipt and a copy of my Bank Credit Statement. They are in the files in my office."

Sanchez interrupted, "Detective Romero, there is a FEDEX deliveryman here for Mr. Murray. The package has been in FEDEX possession since eight-thirty yesterday morning. Do you want me to accept it?"

"Yes, Sanchez, sign for it and open it up."

"Detective Romero, it is a Samsung cell phone. It's turned on and has a low battery."

"See if it there are any outgoing phone calls, this morning, on it."

"There are two. One, to our office. The time is the same as the recording. And, the second is to your phone about five minutes ago. Do you want me to tag it for evidence?"

"No. Give it to Mr. Murray. I am going to close this out as a false report, perpetrator unknown. I don't want anyone to know, we were conned by a smart phone."

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Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with this sentence: There was a knock on the door.


I thank Life is but a dream for allowing me to use their picture, Man in the Middle.

This story germinated while I waited at Love Field for a flight to El Paso. The flights were delayed because of bad weather. On the internet an article appeared telling about Aaron Chervenak renting a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for his marriage to a smart phone. It was a sham, with Chervenak spoofing people that gave their smart phones human attributes. Meanwhile all flights were canceled. I called my son and asked if I could spend the night with him. He said yes, but the house was full with several guests. I had to sleep on an air mattress. It was eleven PM by the time we got to my son's house. I had to be back at Love by five AM the next morning. In the scramble to get out of the house, I forgot my cell phone. Noticing that it was missing upon arrival at Love, I asked my son when they found it, overnight it to me. A story was in there somewhere.
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