Fantasy Fiction posted March 20, 2018

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Some Advice from an Icon

Just A Dream?

by Wetbelly01

One late summer fairly recently, I was fishin' with one of my many cousins.
He had him a place just out of Hannibal, MO. A beautiful little section WAY off the beaten path.
Anyway... We were doing some campin', fishin', drinkin' and smokin' that 'whacky tabacky'.
I had gone off by myself to look for the killer fishin' spot.
With all the stuff that was in me, I eventually got tired and took a nap.

Now I'm thinkin' this was a dream and more than likely it was...
But there was Mark Twain sittin' on that bank of 'Ol Muddy' with an old hickory pole, fishin'!
" You're Mark Twain!" says I.

"I've been called that," says he.

"You're a very famous writer from WAY back in the day!"

"Yeah, so I've been told."

"And you look just like your pictures in the history books, with the white bushy hair and mustache... Bet you've got a pipe somewhere close by."

"As a matter of fact I do... fixin' to fire it up, here in a minute."

"How is this possible, you've been gone... Forever!"

" I can't explain it either, but apparently I was sent back to impart a 'jewel' of knowledge that I've learned in my 74 years and pass it on to you.... Oh by the way, there really is a heaven. It's rather enjoyable. Not as boring as I thought it would be.
Some of us get together and have Bullfrog races... Yeah you heard right, I said Bullfrog races".
"It's great... Abe Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and me get together and actually have bullfrog races!
Things got out of hand though, when our bullfrogs got loose in the women's cabin.
I must say that Joan of Arc and Annie Oakley are rather fetching females when running out of that cabin naked!
I think ol' Abe had something to do with that, he's quite the prankster you know.

"Now to the main reason I'm here though, which is to give you some advice... So here goes.
I've seen that you have potential as a writer. You need to perfect your punctuation a bit, but otherwise keep doing your style of writing. Don't let anyone change that.
You be you in your writing!"
"Oh shit... I got me a bite! Time to go,see ya and good luck!"

And then I woke up!

What a FUN write!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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