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Lacey and her injury


by Bichon

In the past week or so, Lacey has developed a bit of a limp. It's mostly appearing in her back right leg, but the left was also acting up slighty. I feared for the worse, as we assumed this could've been an injury from the latest snowfall that Lacey dashed ecstatically through, or the result of Lacey clumsily jumping off our ditch.

We decided to visit the vet, just to be sure, and we're lucky that we did. The vet diagnosed Lacey with two partially torn ALC's. (two ligaments in her back legs.)

The vet assured us that we caught on to this quite early, and that they weren't fully torn. Her right ligament is significantly more torn than the left, but we have to keep a close eye on both before she starts favoring the left, which wouldn't be good.

She's not allowed to run or jump, which is a nightmare for her. She's an extremely active dog, and needs to be doing something. We have to watch her constantly in fear that she may take a leap of faith onto the couch.

We will be revisiting the vet later on this week for a second opinion, and meeting with a specialist in the coming weeks. She may need surgery, but we are hoping they will both heal on their own with rest. Keeping her calm for eight weeks will be nearly impossible, wish us luck.

Very upset that this happened to my best girl. Am just hoping everything turns out alright.

Photo is of Lacey with her new medication.
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