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All the times we cry

A chapter in the book Letters to the self


by Jonbeyond

We are the herald of joy and despair
We are the rain from the broken hearted
We are the mist of fond memories
We are the downpour of pain

The dark clouds of emotions, summon us
The reddened eyes set us free

We are the monsoon of the emotional season

Why is the first sign of life the newborn's cry?

The Lord replenishes the earth with the rains from heaven
Does that mean that He cries for the welfare of the planet?

The oceans attest to the depth of His love

No life can survive without His tears
He cries for us all far and near
The mothers milk for the suckling child
The life's blood for all that is wild

Something as simple as what is wet
Can get to places where nothing else can get
Amazing also is it to understand
That before the force of them, nothing can withstand

No shape can escape their imitation
It seems that tears are good for all situations
Remember your first great accomplishment
Then there was the pain of great disappointment
What about the time of great surprise
That made them flow from your eyes?

They seem to go hand and hand with what we call love
Coming when needed from our God above
So much is His love for me
That His tears make up my majority
Truly they are the life of me
Behold liquid immortality

They make up what is called trinity
The wet
The frozen hard
A mist of floating mystery

I now know what is really strong

The soft and yielding that never break
And can assume any shape

Amazing these things called tears
They have been around for countless years
They help the hurt to see another day
They even wash the pain away

It doesn't hurt to say again
That tears can also be your friend
They were first you knew as the newborn who cries
And the last for those that lived and died

Jesus wept



Amazing how water serves us in so many ways
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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