Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted March 8, 2018

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As the title says:scattered thoughts

Scattered Thoughts

by tony bronk

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
I'm a soldier fighting for freedom~
but, who's freedom are we speaking of today?
I'm a student studying to be a lawyer,
only, who am i going to defend in the courts tomorrow?
I'm a brick layer, breaking my back today,
so, I can't walk tomorrow, so, he can have a pretty home,
and i can have three square meals to feed my family.
Is there justice in this everyday's living, or, will it come tomorrow?
I'm not too sure of that? Who really is? Are you? Let's wander together.
Let's wonder for another day of hope for tomorrow? I am here for you.
Are you here for me? why shouldn't we all be her for one another?
Too many children go hungry, I know 'bout that! Babies have it rough, too!
Life is rough, man! do the best that you can,man! What else can we do, man?
Those damn hardened few who have most all! Don't fool yourselves! They don't really care!
They could give a rat's ass about us! They just can't get enough...the big Assholes! Fuck 'em!
They fuck us! All the while! Where does all the money go? Up their fat assholes, that's where!
All those children and babies starvin' needlessly when all they need to do is empty their pockets-even just a little.Mother Fuckers! Highway Robbers! They'e polluting our waters for their profits! Poisoning our foods for their wallets! Dirty Scumbags! It is all I have to say...fill in the blanks if you will?

I ranted about how pissed off I am at politicians and billionaires!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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