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Guilty as charged

Car Theft

by Dolly'sPoems

This is a true story. Saturday mornings were always busy in our household. Like many families there was food shopping to buy, kids ballet classes, and rushing around making use of each minute of my day off work so that I gained at least a few moments to myself was a hard task.

This particular Saturday morning I had several items required from our local village shop which was about two miles away. My husband announced he was driving up there that morning, and I asked him to wait and take me with him. I was almost ready to go, but last minute jobs like putting the washing on, making the beds etc took more time than anticipated. He was impatient and said I had two minutes! I was rushing around like a maniac when I heard the front door slam and the car door shut. I looked out of the window and saw him drive off without me! I was disappointed at first.

I then saw red! I was so angry because I already had so many jobs to do. My temper got the better of me and I devised a plan to get my own back! So I took the spare keys to his car and ran the two miles to the village. I saw my husband's car parked outside the betting office. I jumped into the driver's seat and quickly drove it back home. I chuckled to myself and felt like a secret agent on a mission, the adrenaline was pumping and I was enjoying the adventure. My husband would have to walk the two miles home. I felt very satisfied with myself that he would now feel like I did, abandoned without wheels! I felt like a naughty school girl, but suddenly I started having second thoughts about my actions!

Oh dear, what had I done? The phone rang. It was a frantic call from my husband, "Hello darling, something terrible has happened, someone stole my car!" I said, "Oh my goodness that is terrible my love, you will have to walk home." I was secretly laughing until he said, "I just called the Police to report it stolen." My heart sank and I was worried.

Oh dear, I was in big trouble! I felt a pang of guilt that I had caused chaos to everyone on our Saturday morning off. I had to confess there and then. I drove back to the village to pick him up. He did actually smile about the whole incident and saw the funny side of what I did. He also apologised for not waiting for me. But wasting Police time left egg on both our faces. Explaining that your wife stole your car for a prank was not a good idea, so we made some other fake excuse.

I learned a big lesson that day and I try to think now before letting my anger spill out and ruin a perfectly lovely Saturday morning! My husband was the kindest man I ever met, but patience was not his strong point! He unfortunately died in 2010 and I miss him every day, we had fun together.

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