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Operation to remove . . .

The Gall of it . . .

by Dolly'sPoems

The Gall of it!

My body shows the scar, albeit tiny, of a moment when I had a dilemma and decision to make. After being hospitalised for a serious urine infection, they discovered I had several small stones in my gall bladder, dancing about like rock 'n roller stars on a bender! The doctors said that they would remove the entire gall bladder through micro-surgery, which would be a much less invasive procedure. An operation? I thought to myself, oh my goodness . . . No!

The consequences of not removing it, were dangerous. A bit like the cam-belt breaking on your car it seems, under controlled conditions the procedure is less trouble and easier than if the cam-belt fails! In other words my health was at risk if I left it, and the stones could become lodged in the pancreas causing me to have an emergency operation, and permanent damage to my liver! Oh dear, I couldn't sleep for a couple of nights!

I decided to get a second opinion from a doctor in England. So I flew from Spain to England. He put it in really simple terms, if you have small stones they could become dislodged and cause trouble to other organs; if you have one big stone it is trapped inside the gall bladder and is unlikely to be going anywhere. He added that he had a large stone in his own gall bladder and decided not to bother having it removed. My stones were tiny little buggers! Oh dear this was not good news.

After much deliberation and research I decided to go ahead with the operation. I questioned the surgeon, who was a middle aged, rather overweight man. He had performed many of these operations in the past and was very competent, with much experience in his field. I booked myself into Quiron in Costa Adeje for the operation. A foreign hospital in the hands of Spaniards, but I remained confident.

As with all procedures, I was nervous, but the staff were jovial and professional and put my mind at ease. It would take less than an hour to remove a part of me that I could clearly live without, how lucky I am that something which could be life threatening, could be extracted in 45 minutes without any side affects! The marvels of modern technology. A hundred years ago I would have most certainly died of this simple problem!

All went well with the operation; after a few days rest I was back to my old self. There is one warning however, if I eat too much chocolate, my liver can't cope! So I now moderate my intake! He he he, otherwise no side effects and a small scar near my navel, which means I still am able to show off my body on the beach in my bikini. The miracles surgeons perform daily to save lives, I am eternally grateful to them. I was lucky they picked this up on the ultra-sound scan, another miracle of science. The stones are now in a necklace around my neck instead of inside me! (Just kidding).

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This is a very common preventative operation that saves lives daily.
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