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A continuing of bullying chapters with reference.

A chapter in the book The Adventures of Flower Power

Bullying be gone Part V

by Rasmine

Burgo, Joseph. September 22, 2015. 5 Types of Extreme Narcissists (and how to deal with them). Psychology Today, online journal.
Flower Power, once again stood in front of an assembly.  Dr. Aster stood next to him.  Flower met him after his last talk.  Dr. Aster had told Flower he shouldn’t classify all bullies as having low self-esteem.  This was because of some of the bullies having ‘narcissism’.  It’s a psychological term that describes bullying to a tee, Flower thought. 

It describes someone as thinking they are smarter, more good looking, more popular, then someone else. 

Flower looked at everyone sitting down.  He wasn’t sure of how to proceed, but Mrs. Petals told him to let the doctor speak and then Flower could explain it so that the flowerlings could understand.  If he had trouble, she would help. 

He cleared his throat.  “Hello, I’m Flower Power.”

Again, the room filled with flowerling chants of ‘Flower Power’.

“Okay, flowerlings, please.”

It became quiet in the room. 

“I’m here today to correct what I said last time.  I said that bullies have low self-esteem.  After, I met Dr. Aster,” he indicated the doctor, “and he corrected me.  He is a psychologist.”

He now addressed the flowerlings.  “A regular doctor, as flowerlings understand, fixes the body. We go to them when our bodies are sick, and they help us.  Sometimes the mind gets sick, also.  Then we may visit a psychologist to help us with our thoughts and emotions.  Okay, here is Dr—”

“Mr. Power, Mr. Power!”

He recognized a young female flowerling from the classroom next door to Mrs. Petals’. 

Flower smiled at her.  “What is your name, Sweetie?”

“I’m Violet.”

“Do you have a question or comment?”

She nodded.  “What is emotion and thoughts?”

He hoped he could explain this to her, so she could understand.  Flower looked at his old teacher for help.  Mrs. Petals nodded and smiled her encouragement. 

“Okay, umm, thoughts are what you think in your head without saying them out loud.  And emotions are how you feel – like happy or sad.”
The student smiled brightly.  “Thank you, Mr. Power.”

“You’re welcome, Violet.”

Mrs. Petals mouthed ‘Good job’, to him. 

He relaxed a little.  Even though he had super powers, Flower still got nervous in front of a group of people.  He was happy to give it to Dr. Aster. 

“And now, Dr. Aster.”  He walked to the edge of the curtain and leaned against the wall. 

“Hello, everyone.  I’m Doctor Field Aster.  I studied psychology at Garden University.

“I would like to focus on bullies and self-esteem.  Sometimes flowers or flowerlings have a sickness in their minds that isn’t physical.  Their thinking or emotions are ill, and they come to a psychologist for help. 

“The psychology of a bully is that some have low self-esteem or high self-esteem.  If they are mean to others to make themselves feel better,” he nodded his head, “that is an example of a bully with low self-esteem.  Okay, any questions about a bully with low self-esteem?”

One flowerling got up with their parent.  “Um Dr. As…”


“Dr. Aster,” she smiled up at her parent, “what if someone doesn’t have a mommy or a daddy, do they have low self-steem?”

“Esteem, honey." He smiled at her.  “And yes,” he nodded, “they may.”

The small iris flowerling turned pulling her parent back to their seats.  No one else approached the microphone that sat in the audience. 

“Okay, now we will look at a bully with high self-esteem.  Flowers, birds, insects, people – anyone can have these illnesses in the mind.  The characteristics of a bully with high self-esteem are beings who think they are smarter than everyone, they may talk loudly about others and not nicely, they may act like they know everything. 

“What you flowerlings may do to not get hurt by them is to just ignore them.”  He took a drink from a glass of water on the podium.  “Any questions?”
A young daisy stood up.  Seedling Row smiled and waved at Flower Power, who waved back. 

“Mr. Dr. Aster, my sister was being picked on because we,” he looked around, “couldn’t pay the garden fee and became homeless.”  He looked down. 
“Does this bullying still happen?” Dr. Aster asked. 

A teenage daisy got up and stood next to Seedling.  “No, it doesn’t.  My class is now doing the exercises that Flower Power suggested.  It stopped.”

Flower closed his eyes and smiled at the doctor.  He hadn’t known that bullies could have high self-esteem.  He was glad he was told.  It was really turning out to be a good night.



Thank you, Mark, :)

In the current psychological literature, it is reported that bullies have high self-esteem. I did not think so. I have a BA in psych, and was studying for a MA in the subject, so I'm not some silly person just making something up. This self-esteem that the bullies have is not true self-esteem. I still believe this, but they do have diluted self-esteem. If someone truly loved themselves there would be, like Flower Power says, NO NEED TO HURT ANOTHER!

MK Flood, again, thank you, for your awesome artwork!

Chapter one: Flower Power saves Rose, his love interest, from being thrown out by her owner. He is hesitant, a bit when asked what he would do to save Rose.
Chapter two: He meets Jay, a blue jay, who laughs at him. He handles this by punching him. Jay sees that he may need some training so he tells him about a golden dragonfly, Goldie, who has some magic.
Chapter three: Flower flies over the pond in search of Goldie. Finally, he discovers her and is invited into her home.
Chapter four: Goldie teaches Flower Power Aikido, and why superheroes don't resort to violence.
Chapter five: (missing chapter--if any of you find it please let me know where in my portfolio it is. Thank you.) Flower Power apologizes to Jay.
Chapter six: Flys back to Goldie for more training.
Chapter seven: Flower Power gets a lesson in not hurting anyone's feelings and why.
Chapter eight: Flower Power learns the lessons of personal hygiene, and keeping your living space clean.
Chapter nine: Flower Power meets Black-eyed Susan's.
Chapter ten: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about why he is a superhero.
Chapter eleven: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about disabilities.
Chapter twelve: Goldie and Flower part ways. He is done with his lessons and ready to embark on his adventures!
Chapter thirteen: Flower saves a bunch of homes, including his friend Jay's babies, from a strong tornado.
Chapter fourteen: Flower teaches an elementary class about manners.
Chapter fifteen: Flower teaches children about bullying and helps with self-love exercises.
Chapter sixteen: A continuation of bullying lesson with appreciating others.
Chapter seventeen: Mrs. Petals meets Goldie. Flower talks more about self-esteem.
Chapter eighteen: Flower Power addresses an assembly of parents, teachers, and flowerlings. He expresses his belief that bullies have low self-esteem.
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