General Fiction posted February 14, 2018

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a short story

Cockroach World 10

by Bill Schott

Ronald went searching for the source of the scratching sound in the walls.

It had kept him tossing and turning all evening. That, along with screaming and sobbing, occasionally interspersed with gurgling and bones cracking, created an attack of noise through which the dead could not have slept.

In the hallway, darkness robbed his sight, making the negotiation of the body-strewn passageway difficult.

Nearing the stairway, he sensed that there was someone behind him. Turning, he saw the giant cockroach. It stood upright, it's antennae scraping the ceiling.

"You woke me up, Constance."

The chided bug, adopting a sheepish grin, produced three severed heads and began juggling them.

"You're adorable, Connie. Who could stay angry with you? Please make sure to clean up afterwards."

Returning to bed, Ronald fell off to sleep, never dreaming that in a parallel universe, he and Constance would be enemies. She might invade homes and carry dangerous bacteria throughout. He could work as an exterminator, eliminating such pests.

The scratching on the walls was not as irritating now, and most of the whimpering had ended.


Image from Google, and the film Mimic.
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