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An Unauthorized Stop

The Ambush Part One

by Thesis

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

In spite of all my training to watch out for and avoid distractions while I was on assignment, I succumbed to one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Being in the lead car of an eight car escort detail, I was ordered to stop at the nearest restaurant because the dignitary we were escorting became ill and needed to use a bathroom immediately. I did not like it. The escort detail was adequate, having twenty four agents; sixteen male and eight female, although we would be quite vulnerable to an attack or abduction attempt without proper precautions being prearranged for a stop.

The Agent in Charge of the detail, Jared Steiner, pulled rank, so we stopped at Sylvia's Restaurant, on Malcolm X Boulevard, in the upper east side of Manhattan, right off the Harlem River Drive.

The road was quite busy, so the Agent in Charge ordered lights and sirens to get his charge to a bathroom quickly. Knowing it was against protocol to stop, I radioed back that Mount Sinai Hospital was only several blocks away and we could get the dignitary, Code Name "Dove", in and out through the emergency room quickly.

Being overruled immediately, we stopped at Sylvia's; so much for trying to be inconspicuous.

Four agents entered the restaurant, did a quick recon and gave the clear signal to allow entry. The subject was escorted into the restaurant by six female agents, while the original four remained near the front and rear doors.

With fourteen agents remaining outside, we were surveying the street for any abnormal activity, when Agent Suarez walked over to me and told me to look at the corner.

I noticed a woman in a red and white polka dot dress putting on quite a show adjusting her stocking and garters. Before my mind could tell my mouth to yell to the other agents, Suarez and six other agents were shot by two cars racing down the street, emptying their clips from semi-automatic weapons.

The others, who were not injured, returned fire at the vehicles, shattering the back glass of the trailing car.

Hearing the commotion, several agents rushed out of the restaurant with guns drawn in response to the gunfire.

The other agents and Dove, were running to the first two SUV's to evacuate the area.

"Jake, what the fuck happened?" one of the female agents asked, as she was shielding Dove to the car.

"It was a major mistake to stop here. Get her out of here. Take my SUV and don't stop. Get her back to our office. I'll meet you back there later. I have to stay here."

Without saying another word, Dove was sandwiched in the back seat between two male agents, while two of the female agents got in front and drove off. The second car has three additional agents and sped off after the first to provide backup.

I started attending to those agents in the worst condition, luckily, Suarez was only shot in the arm. She had already a make shift tourniquet stopping the bleeding substantially.

Two agents were dead. One, a sixteen year veteran, was shot above his left eye and died immediately. Steiner was the other casualty. Great, now I would have to be the one to explain this mess to the Agent in Charge of the New York Bureau, Nancy Alanzo.

NYPD cars began arriving, crowds were forming, and my crime scene was in jeopardy of getting compromised. The NYPD set up a perimeter and I called Special Agent Alanzo to update her on the situation.

"Nancy, I."

"Before you say anything Jake, who ordered that stop?"


"Put him on the phone."

"I can't. He's dead."


"We have two dead and five wounded. I also have ten able bodied agents with me. I need somebody down here to deal with the NYPD brass. They are starting to arrive. Dove is on her way into headquarters. She has seven agents with her. Sorry boss, but I gotta go take care of my people. If you need me, call."

"Jake did you try to stop Steiner?"

"Yes, but he pulled rank."

"Can anyone verify that?"

"I'm not a rookie, boss. I did it on open mike. Anyone on the detail can verify."

"I should have known better. I'm sending you some people. Let me know what else you need and you've got it."

"Thanks boss."

Lieutenant Murphy from the 28th Precinct arrived.

"Who's in charge of this mess?"

"That would be me, Lieutenant. "Special Agent Jake McGee.

"What happened McGee?"

"Sorry Lieutenant, I'm not at liberty to discuss many details, but we were attacked in a drive by shooting. Two vehicles; one a red Cadillac Escalade with gold rims, the other a black Porsche Cayenne, black wheels, both with dark tinted windows, firing AK's. That's all I can give you right now, until someone from my office comes to take scene command."

"Okay, I'll put out an APB on those vehicles. Let me know when your scene commander arrives, so I can update the Deputy Chief. He should be here in about fifteen minutes."

"Will do, Lieutenant."

Within minutes, an FBI Mobile Command Scene unit arrived. The bus sized vehicle blocked the entrance to the street at Lenox Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard. The FBI -- NYPD liaison stepped out of the unit and immediately went to greet the NYPD Deputy Chief who had also just arrived.

The scene had become a swarm of vehicles, NYFD Paramedic Units, and NYPD sector patrol cars. A triage was set up right on the sidewalk in front of Sylvia's. Paramedics were furiously working to stop the bleeding on those injured. Agent Suarez sat quietly against her SUV, waiting for her turn to be treated.

I sat down next to her and pulled her close to me.

"Jake, I hope we don't lose the baby."

"You mean, you're pregnant?"

"Yes, I got a call about an hour ago."

"That's fantastic, Melinda, I love you!"

"Because I'm pregnant?"

"No, I've always loved you. Now, I just love you more."

"Medic, I've got a wounded pregnant woman over here!"

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