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A blind cat meets new friends

Blind Rufus

by Mabaker

Blind Rufus.

Bugsy Malone ambled along the alley watching an ant industrially carrying a crumb of cake if his nose told true.
Bugsy had been visiting a sick cat. Cissie, by name, and cared for by a cat-Person as he called them, Bugsy didn't usually give the Person names like they gave cats, however, this one in cat meant 'Nice.'

Now almost home, he heard the screech of brakes and the distinct thud of an animal, more-than-likely a cat being hit.
Oh, damn, who do I have to bury now.
Now he ran to the alley mouth and met four cats, one dog, converging on the spot. The hit animal laid still, eyes open, but unseeing, not at the resting tree but travelling in that direction.

"I know this cat and I know where her Person sleeps, can someone lift her it isn't far?" All this from a tidy looking tabby with green eyes, and clean neat fur, who seemed very concerned, "If I attempt it I would drag her and that could be dangerous, no someone taller must carry her. Have we anyone?"

Bugsy spoke to the dog, a lop-eared creature that sniffed at the injured animal. "Here, big man, you have a strong jaw, pick the cat up by the scruff and follow us, if you will."

Bugsy Malone was the type of animal that other cat's and dogs took seriously, so when he gave the order, the dog did as he was bid.
Slowly the procession wound down the street past four houses and they saw in the distance a Person running frantically towards them. "Okay you can put her down now here is her Person. And that is time for us to vacate the street.
Days passed.
A small fluffy cat, not much past kitten-hood skidded to a panting stop in front of the group. "She will be fine, our Person took her to the fixer Person and he brought her home just now. She will thank you herself when she can but I thought you might like to know. Bye." And flicking his tail in the air, away he went, on tiny dancing steps. The news pleased everyone, but more pleasing was the food the human placed on paint-can lids. Everyone ate well that day.

Bugsy had a Person but she was away during the day at what was referred to as 'work' so he had many hours to entertain himself. He had become the head cat up and down the street and gossip and news came to him first and foremost.

Right now he sat washing a paw and daydreaming when something bumped into him with a thump,
"Oops, sorry, I'm lost. I can't see and I felt the door was open and I walked out. Now I am confused as well as lost. Will you help me? My name is Rufus. What is your title please Sir?"

"I am Bugsy Malone; if you touch the tip of my tail with your nose, I will lead you home. How come you can't see, Rufus were you like this as a little kitten, or did something happen to your eyes?"

"No I have always been like this, but my Person is lovely and buys special food for me and the house has lots of room so I know where to walk."

"Is it hard not being able to see?"
"I know nothing of seeing, Bugsy, so usually, I'm content. Today I did a foolish thing and walked out without thinking, what would I do to get back inside."

Bugsy stopped walking, saying instead,
"Rufus, there is a Person coming towards us and she looks worried. You sniff the air, does it smell like the air in your house? I will step aside if she belongs to you. If not I am close to lead you home."

"Oh, Rufus, I was frantic when I couldn't find you. Hello puss, do you know Rufus? Please come by and talk to him, he is blind."

So Bugsy Malone's day ended on a good deed done and a new friend made.

Bugsy sat thinking about the blind cat Rufus. He called other cats for a meeting, which went something like this.

"Today I met a cat who can't see what color his coat is or the shade of a mouse. His name is Rufus, and he lives with the Person in that dwelling across the way. I thought it might be nice if we became his friends. It must be so unhappy being locked inside all the time because he doesn't know where danger is. His Person seems nice, she put that food out for us, remember. If we went to his sleeping place maybe she would let him outside. Any suggestions, friends?"

"Well, I for one won't join in that silly scheme, Bugsy. Think about what you are asking, all of us to entertain a blind cat. That would be very hard to do. I hope your plan works out, but not with me in it, thank you for asking."

"Okay, Minnie has a point. If all of us turn up his Person will get angry. I suggest one for a starter, anybody?"

"Me, please Bugsy." I am small, and I will show him things so he understands."
The request came from a semi-Personed kitten that had been dumped in the alley sometime before. An old yellow crone had raised him and he had stayed, to catch her mice and birds in gratitude.
"Mickey? Do you want to go near the Person's sleeping mat? Can we take a vote, please? All in favour raise a paw."
Paws went up slowly then some got pulled down only to be raised again after a think.
Bugsy counted some stones he used, six paws up and three down. Now seven up. "Okay, it looks as if Mickey is to try and make friends with Rufus's Person and get him outside in the sunshine."

Everyone clapped as best they could and the meeting broke up.

Mickey was nervous and very frightened. He should have kept his mouth shut. Now how was he to achieve what was so easy in his mind. Just walk up and get Rufus to walk outside. Hmm. Not the best idea he'd had, but now, the other cats were watching his every move, and he had to do something. He went to consult with Bugsy Malone.

Bugsy listened to his tale and then went to his sleeping rock and returned with a white feather in his mouth.

"Take this with you, Mickey. Let the Person see it and play with it near where Rufus sits. Scratch it against his window and get a game going with him. She will come to understand you want to be friends with Rufus, and she might leave the door open. You can go inside she won't hurt you if you are a friend of Rufus.

So with five adult cats tagging along Mickey headed to where Rufus sat near the clear thing the Person had a lot of, his blind eyes gazing out. What were other cats doing? It must be so nice to look at a leaf. He, Rufus, didn't even know what a leaf was. He so wished he wasn't blind.

Mickey started the game with the feather and Rufus ran along the base of the clear thing, following the tiny sound Mickey was making. Soon the game became exciting, as Rufus flicked his paws on his side and Mickey tapped the feather along the clear stuff. Then Rufus lay on his side and drummed his back feet on the glass, and his Person watched the two cats playing, and did a strange thing, she opened the door and Mickey ran inside and the fun really started. Around and around over each other and wrapped fur to fur, they played while the Person stood watching, and smiling.
The End.
Word count 1,303.

A blind cat makes new friends
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