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Sylvia - Now Available

by MelB

Finally available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Thank you to all who reviewed and critiqued this book. Huge thanks to Jacqueline Franklin (Jax), for helping me get this book completed. It has been a nightmare to say the least!

I started writing this book in August 2015. My grandma died in October 2016. A few months prior, my mom was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and went through radiation, which I did not think was necessary.

My mom was hospitalized in January 2017 for a collapsed lung and pneumonia. I flew to Florida, where she and my dad resided for the winter months. After a week, we found out mom had Stage IV lung cancer. She passed away within a week. I was devastated!

I hired the same woman out of Florida, who did the cover for my first book 'Broken Heart: The Blessed Road to Healing.' She worked on the cover and interior layout of this book, and started displaying Jekyll and Hyde personalities. She emailed me one day and was as sweet as sugar, but the next day messaged ranting and raving over problems with the book.

I don't publish books during my busy season, because I work and do equine therapy sessions. I don't get into the house until dark in the summer months. So, after supper, and the rest of the household are in bed, is when I write.

One day, I received a picture of a brain scan in a text from the lady working on my book. She had a golf ball and a half size tumor at the base of her skull. Ah ha! That explained to me the drastic change in personality I witnessed every other day.

This lady proceeded to lie, play games, try to manipulate, call me names, and send me rants in excess of 100 emails! I ended up having to scrap the interior, because I couldn't get her to fix it. As I retold the story to Jax, she offered to help me free of charge. I tried to get her to accept payment, which she declined. So, I purchased bucks on the site and bought her a Chili's gift card.

I'm beyond grateful for what Jax has done to help me get this book completed. There are times when I thought it would never happen.

I now have to decide if I want to speak to an attorney about getting my money back or just let the beast rest. Clearly, this woman is an unstable person and has bigger problems than me. She claims she only has headaches from the tumor, but I'm not sure she should be working at all.

I did have some problems with my first book, but not even close to what happened here. They do say in ministry, "the more the devil fights you, the more people will be helped." I fully believe the devil worked through this woman!

I wrote this book to help survivors of abuse, in particular, sexual abuse. I added statistics in the back of the book and a personal note as a fellow survivor.

Thank you again for reading my work!

Sylvia: In the Cellar - Available on Amazon. Link:

For those who liked the book, I would love if you would review it on Amazon. If you would like a signed copy, please let me know. Book 2 will be coming! I loved the characters too much to not continue the story of Sylvia and Patrick.


The above story is true! The book is fiction, so I have posted it as fiction/general.
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