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The miracle on Valentine's Day

The Gifted Heart

by Fabiha_N

 “Hi, David!”

I opened my weary eyes and smiled to my beautiful wife, Chloe. She seated herself beside my bed and placed her soft and warm hand on mine.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Alive, at the least.” I replied, only half-joking.

Chloe frowned down at me. “David, that’s not funny.”

I was about to apologize, when a young, blonde nurse sticked her head into the room. “Do you need anything, David?”

“No, I’m good.” I said, and she shut the door behind her.

My wife began talking about how her life has been going from the last time she visited me- which was just yesterday- and I tried to focus on her and ignore my hospital room surroundings.

Just two days ago, it started out as a normal day. Chloe was in the kitchen making dinner- humming a tune I didn’t recognize- and I was walking down the stairs when a shooting pain drove through my chest and I fell unconscious. The next time I woke up, I was in a hospital bed with Chloe standing to the side, her concerned eyes gazing at me. My doctor informed me that I had survived a heart attack, but just barely. Dr. Roberts explained that I was now diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease- which happens when a bunch of “plaque” builds up in my heart, or something like that- and I have been hospitalized and treated to ever since. 

My eyes grew heavy as I recalled this memory, and Chloe must see that because she then leaned in to kiss my forehead gently. “Goodnight, honey. I love you.”

I turned my eyes up to her and felt a sadness so deep, that my eyes became watery. Chloe had always been there for me since the beginning, and she continued to give me hope for the future. Before I could drift further away into the darkness, I whispered, “I love you more.”

Chloe smiled, then slowly let go of my hand and walked out.

I dreamed about her as I fell into a deep slumber. Leaving my cold, lumpy bed and the IV drip flowing nutrients into my body, I travelled back to our wedding day, which was just a year ago. Those stark, blue eyes carried a mystery and deep longing. That bright smile reserved just for me filled my heart with pure happiness. Chloe had always comforted me in my worst days, and our love for each other held strong. I knew that, at any moment, I would do anything for her, and Chloe would do the same for me. When my family history was filled with diabetes and cancers, it was inevitable that something would eventually happen to me, but I always kept hoping. Our first Valentine’s Day is nearing, and I wanted to do something special, but it fills me with sorrow that I have to spend it in a hospital room.
. . .
Time continued its march, and the days passed. I wasn’t going to be getting better anytime soon, but Chloe still kept visiting everyday- much to the annoyance of the nurses. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, and I waited for the moment when Chloe would pop her head into my room, perky as ever.

My chest suddenly began tightening very painfully, and I saw black spots in my vision. My breath started coming out in short gasps and I tried desperately to call for someone, but it was as if my voice was caught. My hospital gown became damp with sweat, and when I placed a shaky hand against my chest, my heart was beating furiously. ‘Another heart attack?’ I fearfully tried to grasp consciousness, but I could feel the fight leaving my body. Thankfully, a passing nurse noticed me choking on the air and hurriedly called for help. A parade of surgeons and doctors crowded in my room and shouted out numerous demands while grabbing on to my bed and wheeling me out. Before I passed out, I caught a brief glimpse of Chloe running towards me.
. . .
Chloe was just making her way to her husband’s room, when a crowd of surgeons rushed out with David in between them. Panicking, Chloe grabbed on to an edge of the bed and travelled with them.

“What happened to him? He was fine just yesterday!”

“Ma’am, please stay back.” A middle-aged nurse said, trying to push her aside. Chloe stubbornly hung on and glared at her. The nurse sighed, and then explained. “We believe another heart attack occurred just moments ago. By the looks of it, he may not survive this one.”

David was then rushed into the Operating Room, and Chloe was forced to go no further. ‘He may not survive this one,’ that thought made her well up and want to cry. Chloe loved him so much; she didn’t think she could live without him. Dr. Roberts walked out a few minutes later and broke the news to her.

“You husband has a severe build-up of plaque in his heart. The only plausible explanation for this fast process is that he already had the plaque growing in his heart since childhood. It’s blocking the important valves that are needed to supply oxygen and pump blood to the heart. I’m afraid he may not make it.”

This news broke Chloe’s heart, and she let the tears stream freely on her face. David’s entire family history was filled with death by cancer or by diabetes. Both of his parents suffered too; his father died from cancer 10 years back, and his mother died right when he was born. ‘It’s just not fair, David deserves a chance at life that the rest of his family did not have. I don’t want him to suffer anymore’. Chloe was already resigned to what she was about to do, and told the doctor so. She pulled out the Valentine’s card she had made for her husband and decided to add more to it- a final message. She would just need to ask for a pen and paper.
. . .
I awoke groggily and looked at my surroundings. I was back in the same old, lumpy bed, with an IV tube attached to my wrist. I tried lifting myself into a sitting position, but felt a strain on my chest and laid back down. It seemed as if nothing changed, until the blonde nurse bustled in and offered me a card. The card said “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a big, red heart in the center. ‘I guess it’s Valentine’s Day today.’  A folded piece of paper fell out once I opened the card, and I recognized Chloe’s writing immediately. The note read:

Dear Beloved David,
Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you are feeling well. If you are wondering why this card is where I am not, then I have something to tell you. You are such a happy and sweet man, who, the moment I laid eyes on, I fell in love with. There were so many others who I thought I could maintain a special relationship with, but I felt in me that you would be different. It pained me so much when you were hospitalized with a heart disease, and that I could do nothing about it. If you can’t remember, you had another heart attack right in your hospital bed. I was right there with you, coming to visit my beloved husband. Dr. Roberts told me that the “plaque” in your heart was slowly building up since your childhood. The history of your entire family just added to the cause too. You must understand that I did what I had to do at that moment because of how much I love you. God, David, I just wanted you to stop suffering, and I know you would have done the same if it were me. You have captured my heart, David, literally and figuratively. There is no going back now, but trust me, I am at total peace knowing that you are okay. Please, don’t be miserable remembering me; I want you to live the life you deserve now. Just know that, with your new heart, I will always be carried within you. My beloved David, I wish you a lifetime full of happiness and joy. When the time comes, I will be waiting for you.
All my love,

The note fell from my hands, and so did the card. I didn’t scream, nor did I cry. I just accepted the fact that Chloe was gone, and that she would’ve done anything for me- even if that meant trading her own life for mine. All I felt was emptiness, and in the silence of the room, I could hear my new heart going thump, thump, thump.


Bloody Valentine contest entry

I know this story is not very 'bloody', but this is my idea of a bloody valentine. I hope you enjoyed reading it!
Courtesy of Google Images for the cool picture (even though it doesn't really match my story).
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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