Humor Fiction posted February 6, 2018

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Animal Crackers Club Event

The Opinions

by Wetbelly01

So, our humans are feeling mighty generous to us...
They've actually taken us to a Pet Smart Store!
They must've did good with that thing they call a 'Super Bowl!'
Me,Rosebud and my partner Brownie are crusin' through
checkin' out the toys isle... Midnight the cat is kind of following along looking bored.
(as a matter of expedience, I'm going to forgo the quotation marks)

So their next event coming up is what they call the 'Winter Olympics'.
What do you think of that, Brownie?

Well Rosebud, if it gets us back in here I'm all for it!

Hey, don't I have a say in the matter?

Why sure, Midnight... Speak your piece.

Do they have varmint chasing in these 'Olympics' ?
I'm really good at varmint chasing!

No Midnight, I don't thinks so.

What about you Rosebud, what event would you go for?
Well Brownie, if they've got ball or Frisbee catching...
I'm pretty darned good at that!

So what about you, Brownie?
Oh, anymore I'm a watcher and not a doer.
Somebody has to be in the audience!

Strictly their opinion... I think!

Club entry for the "Animal Crackers" event in "Animal Crackers".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Graf94 at

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