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The Time of my Life

by Sharon Meda

The best time I've had in my life, was at a time and in a place where it might not be expected.

Going back to school as a mature student is not an easy thing to do. The kids fresh from High School don't know how good they have it. They still remember how to learn, where us old fogies have to relearn the learning process.

I was taking classes at the local college, working full time, and a single Mom with two girls aged 7 and 8. That meant no free time, not enough hours in the day really.

My schedule didn't change from week to week. Up early to get the girls' lunches ready, get them up, drive them to the sitters, and then I was off to work for eight o'clock. Work until almost noon, drive to the college, take my one-hour class, and then back to work until five. Back to the college for three evening classes. Pick up the girls from the sitters, home, spend a little time with them, help them with their homework, and then bath and bed. For them, not me. I still had a couple of hours of homework to do after that.

Weekends were all about spending a little bit of time with Colleen and Shannon, and a lot of time doing homework and studying. Monday morning it all started again.

I was lucky in that my sitter was a wonderful lady named Rose. She had two daughters the same age as my girls, and they were best buddies in the same classes. During the week Rose fed them all breakfast and dinner, made sure they got to class, and charged me a pittance for all her work. I was very fortunate to have her helping me out.

I was also lucky enough to have a job where my hours were somewhat flexible. I was working in the computer department at the local school board office, where I oversaw printers, backups, and minor maintenance of the machines in the building. It was easy for me to start early and leave for my class at lunch time.

Another difference between the younger students and us Matures, was that the younger ones would cruise through happily on passing grades, while we older bunch were more concerned with getting top marks. That meant that while the kids were out partying every night and weekends, the rest of us were studying like mad fiends.

I was working towards my diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Computer Information Systems. It served me well after graduation, I worked for 12 years at a forestry company as a computer programmer, and then as an office administrator after that. I've always managed to secure good jobs and I enjoy the work.

So, college life was hard, it meant many sacrifices, and no time to myself for 3 years. But, I made some of the best friends I've ever had, during those years. Our bunch would meet in the library or cafeteria before classes and exams, to study together. We helped each other out in any way that we could.

We came from many different life styles and backgrounds. Some were single, others married, most had kids, but not all. Our common goal was to make the most of this learning experience that we were going through together. We all succeeded in earning our diplomas with top marks, and every one of us came away with a successful career at the end of our course. The people that were going to school full time finished in two years while my part-time stint took me three, so I got to meet more students coming in after my group had finished.

During this time, I felt that I was capable, smart, able to learn, and help some of the other students. I had interaction and camaraderie here that I'd never had anywhere before. Some of the younger students started coming to me for advice, about school and other things. One young fellow even came to ask for advice about which engagement ring to buy his girlfriend.

This was probably the only time, for sure the first time, in my life that I've felt that I really belonged somewhere. I fit in and I was one of the crowd. It was a special time for me, one that I'm not likely to ever forget.

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