General Poetry posted February 1, 2018

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What goes around comes around...

Broken Trust

by Boogienights

Betrayal Contest Winner 
I put all of my trust in you,
laid all of my secrets bare.
That was a foolish thing to do,
you showed you didn't care,
about how much it hurt me,
when your friends heard all I said.
All feelings that I had for you
inside my heart are dead.

I told you all about my dreams,
my nightmares and my fears.
I told you secrets from my past,
that bring me now to tears.
I told you of the doubts I had,
my insecurities.
How I sometimes felt lonely and sad,
how I don't believe in me.

Then you ran and told all of your friends,
and laughed at my expense.
You can never make it up to me,
there will be no recompense.
Did your friends feel sorry for you,
that you had to deal with me?
An unstable, crazy woman,
who would never set you free?


I hope you had a good laugh,
now it's time for you to go.
before you leave however,
there's one thing that you should know.
I know lot's of secrets about you too,
they're not good to say the least.
During drunkenness and passion,
it was like I was your priest.

You put all of your trust in me,
laid all your secrets bare.
Perhaps I should just tell the world,
since I no longer care.
Lucky for you I'm better,
then you turned out to be.
Despite it all I won't hurt you,
the same way you hurt me.

I'm looking forward now,
to a YOU free life.
I've picked myself up off the ground,
I no longer reach out to touch you.
It's peace I've finally found.
But as for you...
What they say is right,
what goes around comes around!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any form or style with Betrayal as the central theme.

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