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The Three Assassins

by Bar62

Stafford Portalscum sat in his studio apartment knocking back beers and watching the tube. Another terrorist attack had occurred at the Los Angeles International Airport not more than five hours ago. A man, his name was not revealed had eighty sticks of dynamite strapped to his body, he walked into the baggage claim area just after an incoming plane had de-boarded all of its passengers. Authorities believe the suicide bomber was primarily there to kill Israeli Chief of Staff of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Gadi Eizenkot. Fortunately for Eizenkot, he had been sitting all the way towards the rear of the plane, making it difficult to get off the plane. As it was, twenty-nine people were killed by the explosion. Thirty-two people were critically injured.
 Stafford was so disgusted he threw half a bottle of beer at the television. “Someone’s got to do something about all these ragheads, it’s getting so you can’t just go for a walk these days.”
Stafford sits down at his small kitchen table, opens yet another beer, and as he guzzles his beer he starts to think, why don’t I take these Camel Jockeys out? Better yet, I know some guys,.They feel the same as I do about theses A-rabs.
Stafford talks with both Eddie McGiver and an acquaintance of his goes by the name Billy the Bull, an ex-boxer. 
“Do you guys have guns?” Stafford asks his two accomplices. “I have my rifle from when I was in Iraq”, Billy answers.
“I got me a beauty – an AK-47, I won in a poker game.”
“Alright, I suggest we get some practice. There’s a raghead who owns that convenience store on 7th and Harper St. I say we pick him off to see how our aim is.”
The three Assassins duck into an alley, across the street from the convenience store. “OK, who wants the first shot?” Stafford asks.

 “I’ll take it" Eddie volunteers. 

”He steadies the AK-47 on a bunch of crates. He gets Abdul Bari Salaam in the rifle sights. Eddie is sweating, just a little. He slowly squeezes the trigger, and the shell crashes into the wall well above Abdul’s head. There are screams and hollering from across the street. Abdul and his two cousins run outside, the three Assassins turn and run as fast as they can back through the alley, with the Salaam family in hot pursuit.

"Phew, that was close."

They barely make back to Stafford’s apt. Stafford switches on the tube and gets three beers.

President Abbas greets President Trump. Abbas wants to discuss Trump's statement, “the Capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

“We should hit him.”
“Let’s do it”

The three Assassins find themselves on a rooftop with an unobstructed view of the back of the White House.
One of Abbas bodyguard’s spots movement on the rooftop pushes President Abbas to the ground and starts shooting. The Secret Service joins in, and ten minutes later, the three Assassins lie dead.

Assassinate Me A Thriller! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
In 500 words or less, write a thriller (or/and horror) prose involving an assassin/assassination or hitman/hitwoman. No poetry or script, please. Be creative and have fun! :)
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