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The Return Valentine

by frogbook

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The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
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Boy, he knew how to pick 'em. This woman was a real bitch just like all the others. He'd hated women ever since he could remember. If he could rid the world of every one of them he would. They were so clingy and stupid. He could fool them as easily as he could fool a two-year-old.

He used to rely on bars for his 'dating' pool, but in the age of social media and dating sites, it was even more like child's play to lure some woman away from staring at herself in the mirror, and out on a date. The two problems he had were, tolerating them long enough to gain their trust and not going on some berserk spree that would get him caught.

The desperate beings fell for any line, and the few that didn't, he enjoyed even more. The game could go on longer.

He'd left a trail of bodies across most of the eastern states, this one would be no exception. No one had a clue who he was.

Until now.

He was surprised beyond belief, at first, when he received the Valentine Card with his real name on it. He hadn't used that name in years. Surprise quickly turned to anger when he opened the envelope. The heart shaped card was stiff with blood. There were a few pieces of tissue hanging on the edges. It infuriated him that the mailman may have smelled the ungodly odor of decay from the thing. It permeated his otherwise spotless home.

The card simply said, "I'll be coming back for you, my valentine."

His face flushed, and a growling sound emitted from his throat. He cursed loudly, took out a lighter and burned the offending mail. Immediately he regretted his decision. He needed a clue to lead him to the person who did this. Now it was destroyed.

He was unable to go to the office the next day still seething with uncontrollable rage. He needed to find someone to hurt. It was the only way to release the feeling. He went to the computer and picked the first name in a list of girls he had been 'courting.' He composed his voice and called her, asking if she would like to meet for drinks that evening. When she said she couldn't he was too angry to even pretend. He called her a bitch and hung up.

The second one said yes, and he wasted no time in readying himself for their meeting.

She was dead within an hour of first seeing him. Although he was careful to leave no other clues, he didn't bother to pose the body or hide it at all, such was the need to have it done.

That was January twenty-sixth. A day passed, and he was able to convince himself that the letter was an obscene joke, not really meaning anything. That was until January twenty-eighth, when a second envelope awaited him. This time the mailman handed it to him with an odd look and a turned-up nose. The envelope was pristine, but the smell was there.

The envelopes began arriving every day. They were simple Valentine messages in grotesque bodily tissues. They began to promise he would never forget Valentine's Day this year.

He was too afraid to even take his extreme anger out on a victim, because he knew how out of control he was. He would be caught for sure. He managed to get a doctor's excuse for work or he would have lost his job, for he was unable to go at all. His normally immaculate home was becoming dusty and full of trash and in a fit of fury he had fired the maid. He himself was disheveled and unshaven.

The day before Valentine's Day he received a box, gayly wrapped in white tissue paper and a red bow. There was no sign of the delivery person. He opened the box slowly. It contained a card that said, "you have my heart."

Inside was a human heart decaying. He retched and threw it to the floor. He didn't care so much that it was a body part, as that someone dared do this to him.

He began drinking heavily and when he went to bed he was barely able to walk without falling. He was passed out, but could hear the annoying voices somewhere inside his head. He felt himself being roughly shaken then sharp pain to his scrotal area. His eyes flew open.

There, standing on the side of the bed, brandishing his body part was his first girlfriend.... The first woman he had murdered. Through her partially translucent body, he saw a host of his other victims. They each had knives like the one his girlfriend held.

She smiled and said, "We all want to share you.... a piece at a time."

His screams were not heard. Everyone in the neighborhood was out celebrating Valentine's Day.


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