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My entry in The Time Of My Life contest

My Time with a Circus

by Wetbelly01

Of all the happenings in my life... The most memorable and downright fun, when I had the time of my life... Was when I ran away and joined a Circus (1997-1999).
I was in a Homeless Work Program at the time, doing odd jobs
around Las Vegas, Nevada in exchange for three hots and a cot.

One day there was an announcement on the blackboard:
"Come join our Circus... Accommodations provided."
I glommed onto it without a second thought, it was a dream come true!

It was an experience I'll never forget and I still miss that life to this day.
I was around all kinds of circus animals... Elephants, lions, tigers, bears.
Eventually I came to respect them instead of fearing them.

Then there were the clowns and my favorite, the clown car (I know the secret
to that one... But I ain't tellin').

Pitching up tents and bringing them down. Do two shows daily, then it was off to another town.

My main job during the shows was selling toys... I was the guy that most parents hated!
While the other guys that sold the Cotton Candies, Sodas, Popcorns and such,
had to hustle... All I had to do was slowly walk around with my pole of blown up
animals and popguns and the like... We were called 'Butchers'...
If you left the circus with money still, we weren't doing our job!

There were big dates like Colorado Springs, Colorado...
Where after playing there for a weekend, I personally made $2,500!
But then there would be places like Truth or Consequences, New Mexico...
Where after the first show had started, and being outside without a tent...
We got rained out, and I only made $50!

The life was rewarding, but sometimes kind of rough. There was a phrase that all Circus and Carnies understood... Whenever "Hey Rube!" was shouted, that meant drop everything and come running... There's trouble and someone needs back-up! I only recall one time where that
came into play and fortunately it ended peacefully.

I finally had to retire from that life, because it's a young man's game.
But it's one of the BEST chapters in my life that I'm really thankful for being able to partake of.
And I wouldn't trade that experience or those memories for anything in this world or the next!

The time of my life: writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short story. The topic is: The best time you ever had in your life. It can be as an adult or as a child. Please keep it clean. Minimum length 100 words. Maximum Length 4,000 words.


Damn! (excuse my French)... That was a fun time!
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