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A chapter in the book Act of Endurance



Pals to rest snores crest on a porch flipping quick, sleep both recalls facts minds it of a pest hunted, patrolling steps on farm vision of them best buds.

Hunters it goods to find provisions it add, served neither her fact any food edible table by hunt, age friends to wither them to no youth to power either.

A dream cast therein is a memory of teammates recalls then shown facts the times it of a past did, its factors lived dreams laid outcast running fast.

Bold reality told actions it years occurred, seen it dreaming period foretold being it, views of former teens recounts then now old mouth sound noises.

Predators a sun peered anew seen there in night, roam this forest hidden trackers hears haven fun, run under it tree foliage it pals this one has a gun.

Old crime relives time a flashback a gone history repeats of, there's slime seen living forms aching buddies, playing a prime times it is remembrance.

Bodies fixed still before the abort turned altering, in high chair fort sort of it one flat see other floor, abducted in sleeps port in mouths decayed teeth.

A clock this one seated arm downward lock limp, arched close is another nearby a chair lay dock a friend, sound of the rock twirling it's dog and man.


Entities placed in a close up the factor sharing act of endurance, confronts it said sour togetherness being or the said sweets, facing it the differences.
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Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at

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