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Children's Christmas story about a Christmas tree


by Alec Gould

It was a beautiful day and Ploop was excited.

Why? Because Ploop was a Christmas tree and today was his first day of being put out to the Christmas tree lot.

He had waited for this day for a very long time, or at least it seemed a very long time to Ploop.

He wasn't as tall as the other trees that stood in front of him.

He wasn't as tall as the trees that stood on either side of him either.

He wasn't even as tall as the ones that were ...hold it! There weren't any trees behind him, none.

That's ok, thought Ploop, I don't mind being in the back. I'm a happy Christmas tree.

The next day people came to look at the beautiful Christmas trees. Some even decided to take a tree home to decorate.

As the day went on Ploop watched people come and go. Some didn't buy a tree, others bought wreaths.

Day after day Ploop wondered if anyone would take him home. Not many people made it back to where Ploop stood, way in back by the wooden fence.Yet, Ploop felt like it was HIS day to be taken home, to be someone's beautiful Christmas tree.

It began snowing, the wind blowing the snowflakes so that they reflected in the street lights before landing on Ploop's branches. As the snow glistened upon his needles, he himself thought he looked so beautiful. Surely, someone would buy him now.

He noticed a young couple coming towards him and he got so excited, he began to shiver. Closer and closer they approached Ploop and then...they chose a taller Christmas tree than himself.

Ploop was sadder than sad. Here he thought today would be his day. Ploop left out a long sigh and bent his head down.

Since not much happened around Ploop back by the fence -well, except that day the dog visited him- Ploop had nothing to do except watch the other Christmas trees go home with people.

Ploop began to wonder what he could do to be chosen, and as he wondered, he watched what the other Christmas trees were doing.

That's when he noticed, even though they were Christmas trees, that didn't mean they were special. If you really looked at them, they were pine trees.

But, what -Ploop wondered- made them Christmas trees?

As he looked around, he noticed how the trees appeared. They looked proud to be who they were, trees. They didn't just stand there allowing their branches to bend towards the ground. Oh no!

They didn't allow the tip top of their heads to bow in the wind either. Sure, if the wind was strong, they would sway, but they wouldn't bow.

They stood proud for who they were and then got picked to be Christmas trees!

Ploop tried to imitate the other trees, standing tall and all, but he didn't do as well as the others, he was just too sad. Still, he did the best he could because one never gets anywhere without trying.

The next morning Ploop awoke to the sound of clunkety, clickety, clunkety.

An old man wearing a fedora and an old woman with a kitty scarf was driving slowly down the street, you know, old people like. Clunkety, clickety, clunkety their old, ratty car sounded in the quiet of the morning hours.

All-of-a-sudden the old woman with the kitty scarf let out a shriek!

The old man wearing the fedora on the top of his head, stopped the car and craned his neck to see what the fuss was all about.

"Christmas trees," the old woman yelled! "Can we buy one?"

The fedora wearing old man smiled a toothy grin and said, "Sure we can my Love" -that was his pet name for his wife- and he parked the car near the Christmas tree lot.
Ploop watched as they looked at each tree.

"Nope, not this one," they would say. Then they would go to the next tree and do it all over again. "Not this one, not that one, not this one either..."

As they stood in front of Ploop, the snowflakes began melting off his branches. He was so nervous!

"He's not as tall as the others," said the old woman.

"He's not as wide as the others either," said the old man. "and his trunk is so skinny."

"Still, he shows spunk. His branches look strong enough to hold our Christmas ornaments," said his wife.

As they stood there looking at Ploop, the old couple smiled. The next thing Ploop knew, he was on the way to his new home.

When they arrived, they put Ploop in front of their home and decorated him up real nice and pretty like; with tinsel and lights. They even put a shiny star on top of him, right at the very tip-top.

As they stood back to admire their decorating skills and how nice Ploop looked, they were startled! Right in front of their very eyes, Ploop began to stand straighter.

His branches began to spread out more and his trunk stood straight up towards the sky. The lights on him reflected on the snow that was on his pine needles and it looked like Ploop was smiling. They were so very proud of him; a little tear of joy could be found in their eyes.

That's right, even though Ploop stood as tall as he could in the Christmas tree lot, he found he could stand taller now that he felt loved.

That whole Christmas season, Ploop was standing straight and proud. People walked by, they drove by, they even stopped by, just to look at Ploop and admire his strong boughs, his standing straight up and the beautiful lights and tinsel he held for all to admire.

Even the birds came by to sit on his branches; the cardinals and the sparrows, the chickadees and the wrens. They were so proud to know Ploop that they would chirp out Christmas carols for all to enjoy.

As the night got later and the people and birds headed for the warmth of their homes, Ploop looked up at the sky and said, "I'm so glad I tried my best at standing straight when I was in the Christmas tree lot. Had I not believed in myself then, these nice people may have passed me by. One must believe in themselves for others to see the good in them, too."

"Even then, I found with love, everybody can stand up straighter and be proud of who they are; be it a little boy with a broken leg or a little girl in a wheel chair or, OR! even a bent over, old Christmas tree like me."

Merry Christmas!

Love, Ploop.


This is my first attempt at a children's story. All critiques and helpful suggestions are most appreciated. Thank you! ~Alec
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