Writing Non-Fiction posted January 12, 2018

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Seeking advice about writing for an income

An Inquiry About Writing

by Daniel Wood

This is going to be weird, and if it is not acceptable, please tell me so and accept my apology. It won't happen again.

I am looking for an honest person who earns a supplemental income from their writing. Is there anyone here that fits this description? I am so disappointed in my results from researching ways to earn a living by writing. I don't have actual figures and calculations to back up my claim, but I am saying 90% of my findings are scams. They want you to pay money for to learn how to make money writing. Guess what, that is how they're making their money. The only writings they do are the blogs and e-mails advertising their program. Their program tells you how to scam people by doing exactly what they're doing.

I looked up AWAI, "American Writers and Artists, Inc.", and there are several reviews claiming them as a fraud. The Barefoot Writer is another scam and related to AWAI. Some of these scam reports date back three and four years ago, but here is a link dated January 2, 2018. "https://workfromhomejourney.com/is-the-barefoot-writer-a-scam-heres-my-review". This reviewer's claim is like the others that are years old. Thus, once a scam, still a scam.

I've found that several "how-to" e-books are written the same way. There are no actual instructions, only techniques used by others that have worked. I'm sure you have heard the horror stories about crooked used car sales guys, or crooked auto repair shops. These "make money writing" folks are the same thing. It is very depressing. I found a good auto repair shop by word of mouth. So here I am, looking for someone to recommend a place for me to look into.

I do not know if copywriting is for me, or how to freelance. I don't want to be a content writer, and I'm not to king on the idea of being a ghostwriter, but might consider it. I can learn about anything, providing an honest person is teaching me. I have some time to learn;12 to 18 months at least. I have a lot of experience with technical writing. The short stories I've shared here started out as a hobby/dream to someday write a book. I still want to write a book but I would like to make, let's say $25-30k a year doing miscellaneous writing jobs as well. Am I dreaming an impossible dream?

Again, I am sorry folks for being blunt and to the point. It's the way I am. I have truly enjoyed my short time here and am learning a lot to improve my writing. But I have a bigger picture to paint as well, and I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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