Biographical Non-Fiction posted January 11, 2018

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Sweet memories etched in my heart!

Call of the Whippoorwill!

by Commando

As Bill slept I whispered, "I love you darling"!  I walked out onto the porch and sat in my rocker.  As the brisk autumn wind tangled my long silver hair, I reached out my hand and touched the sweet memory of the yesterdays. 

"Are you out on the porch, Jan?"

"I am, sweetheart.  When did you wake up?"

"Just now, darling, and I'm a-missing you pockets full! "

"Oh, my God!  Did you hear that?  The whippoorwill is calling again, what am I to do, Bill?"

"Just come on back to bed, baby,  and we'll think of something."


Sweet Jesus!  It's mid-morning, why had I slept so late?  Quickly jumping to the floor, I stumbled and fell flat on my face.  Pray tell!  What are my nightgown and panties doing on the floor?

"Where are you, Bill?"  I called.

After getting no answer, I slipped on my nightgown, looked all around, then ran to the front door.  I could not believe what I was seeing.

"Oh, my goodness!  Why are you running around half-naked and grinning like an ole possum, Bill?"

"Because I heard the whippoorwill call to his mate last night and say, 'Come on over to my place, babee and let's get naked!' Of course, you and I were naked last night too, and I just forgot to put my clothes back on this morning.  Brrr!  It's no wonder my tail is a-freezing."

"Oh, for heaven's sake!  The whippoorwill did not say that, you silly gander.  I'm gonna call the doctor and have him take you to the psych ward.  Now, would you stop it?  You're making me blush.  Please, go put some clothes on, and let's go eat breakfast--I'm starving!"

"Me too, beautiful, me too.  Oh, and by the way, if I'm gonna pay ten dollars for your breakfast, I want you naked, naked, naked again tonight.  Please, smile for me, Angel?  God won't see you--He's a-sleeping!"

"Oh, I'm a-smiling down at you, Bill--don't you see me, darling?  I'm the Angel whose face is red!"



True Story Contest contest entry


Back in July of 2016, my wife and I picnicked in a park on the mountain side, where my ole home place used to be. As we walked down the pathway of yesterday--we stopped here and there to feed the baby deer and bear. We laughed, sang happy songs and once again, our hearts melted like butter on a stove. As the sun disappeared into the trees, a whippoorwill called to his mate. "Oh, my God! Did you hear that, Bill? The ole boy is still at it! Sure is a persistent cuss, huh?" "Love comes to those who are persistent, darling. Now, come on, baby--let's go home and to bed." Death comes in a heartbeat as well. I lost my wife to God the following month from a blood-clot in her leg. I'm still angry at Him for taking her so young. Oh, yes! I found 'lonely street' and it's the pit's of hell! Thank you for reading my work. A special 'thank you' to, mollyylouiise for the artwork.
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