Romance Fiction posted January 8, 2018

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No Point in Wasting Time...

by Margaret Snowdon

It is considered a height of bad manners to stare.

     I do beg your pardon. You obviously don’t remember. Let me introduce myself.  Edward Allende, at your service. We met briefly at the York’s dinner party earlier this year.

     But, of course. It’s good to see you again, Mr Allende.

     The pleasure's all mine, Miss Lamont. I’m not one to forget a lovely young woman such as yourself.

     You live in London, Mr Allende?

     Edward … please.

     And you must call me Gillian.

     In answer to your question … no, my home is in the country. I’m here on business. 

     Ah, I see. Well, do excuse me, but I must leave. My carriage awaits.

     Then allow me to see you to your carriage. It would give me great pleasure if you would have supper with me one evening. Later this week perhaps?

     Supper? This week? Why not!

     Would Friday suit?

     Yes. Call for me at eight o’clock. I have an apartment in the Adelaide Hotel, overlooking Hyde Park.

     Ah, Hyde Park. A great favourite of mine. Do you know the park has been there since the 1520's when Henry VIII established a Royal Park on the site so he could pursue his great love of hunting? A walk through it allows inspection of some of the grandest monuments and the works of some of the greatest British sculptors. The walk starts at the western end of Oxford Street, by Speakers' Corner.

     How very interesting. Now, if you will excuse me, Edward.

     Until Friday then ... Gillian.

     Until Friday.


     I hope you didn’t mind me taking the liberty of booking a table?

     Not at all. Tell me, Edward, do you find me attractive?  Do I live up to your expectations?

     But of course.

     Then I am not flattered by your restraint. You've disappointed me.

     Oh! In what particular area have I disappointed you?

     Only in one.

     And which one is that?

     You have not tried to make love to me.

     I assure you, I find you absolutely exquisite. It has been by a great effort of will on my part not to have pounced on you, but I did not think my attentions would be welcome so soon.

     So you would like to make love to me?

     Well … err … right here in the restaurant?

     That would put a bit of life into the place ... would it not?

     It would indeed! But I much prefer somewhere less public.

     Then please, don't let's wait any longer.

     You don't believe in wasting time, do you? I bet you could tease a man to death, without even trying.

     I thought we might make a night of it, if you would not find that too tiring.

     Sounds delightful. But do tell me, how did you know I could be tempted?

     Experience. I am confident we are going to be good together. I promise you will not be disappointed.

     I rarely am. It is a refreshing change to meet a woman who knows what she wants. I think all the bantering about is a waste of time.

     My sentiments exactly. Shall we go then?
     But of course. There’s no point in wasting time.


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