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DP has lost his mind

by Douglas Paul

I thought I should warn you that I am pretty sure that DP is losing his mind.

He came home from his last chemo treatment today and he was as happy as I have seen him in long time. (He has been undergoing chemo treatment for the last 4 months and he usually feels pretty sick for a few days after he has one of those). So I asked what was going on and he told me that he is actually thankful that he has cancer and is feeling very at peace as he starts this new year. How can anyone be thankful for having cancer? I mean, we all know he is an asshole, but this is too much!

When I asked him what he meant, he said that he was pretty sure that this is going to be the best year of his life because dealing with the cancer and the fear of dying has cleansed his soul and made him a much better person than he would have been otherwise. Well maybe that is true, but I still think he is a jerk and a hack writer. (I always have to help him write everything.)

I guess I can see that he is happy to still be alive and actually feeling pretty good. After all, they did tell him about three years ago that he had two years to live, so he shouldn't really even still be here. He doesn't take any credit for that. He just says that God must not be done with him yet, so he has to figure out what God wants him to do this year, since it looks he is going to be round awhile longer.

I asked what he planned to do this year and he said he didn't know for sure yet, but he wants to start writing again - maybe a book on cancer for children. That's probably a good idea since he really isn't smart enough to write a book that grown-ups would read.

Anyway, he told me that he has a new prayer for this year and that was all he needed for now. This is his prayer......

"My father. Let me accept your will with grace, dignity and courage. Teach me to appreciate all of blessings in my life even more than I do now and bring me peace."

Story of the Month contest entry


DP = Douglas Paul

I am the Poetic Badger and most people call me PB

Note: whenever PB gets a 6 he turns it upside and hangs on the wall of his den and call it a 9. He thinks he s the best writer on FanStory since no one else gets any 9's

DP - I want to thank Robyn and Bill (friends and writers on this site) for inspiring this writing based on the wonderful conversations I had with them today while I was getting my chemo treatment. They really helped me clarify my thinking
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