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The Seven Dwarfs

All tied up!

by Bar62

Snow White and the Seven Suspects Contest Winner 

Sit down at the table, would you like something to drink?
A glass of water would be nice
OK, let’s get some of the basics out of the way.
Happy what?
Just Happy.
No last name or nickname?
Just Happy.
What about your residence?
Could you repeat the question? 
Sure, where do you live?
Oh, I live in the little cabin in the woods.
No address I suppose?
Nope, just the little cabin in the woods.
So, when was the last time you saw Ms. White?
It must have been three, no four days ago!
What were the circumstances, what was happening?
Snow was baking brownies for the whole gang. You know the special kind of brownies!
You mean Marijuana Brownies?
Yeah, that’s what we had. I kind 
of over did it.
to many? 

You could say that, 
I got really happy 

Says here on your ‘rap-sheet’, you run with a gang calls itself The Seven Dwarfs, is that so?
Yeah, they’re a cool group of guys,
Well, we frown on any gang activity in these here parts.
You want to watch out for Grumpy, he’s got a very volatile temper, he can go off when you least expect it. The other one to keep a really good eye on is Dopey. Dopey is the un-recognized leader of the gang. Dopey is dangerous because he is really smart, don’t let his Dopey persona fool you; it’s all an act.
 Dopey was nowhere to be found, so O’Casey issued an APB to apprehend Dopey, but be cautious, he could be armed and dangerous. At 7:23 pm, a police officer with the Beverly Hills Police Dept. who was investigating a possible domestic robbery, came across by accident the fugitive, better known as Dopey. The officer did the wise thing and called in for back-up.
Dopey had walked into the midst of a full-on stakeout. There were ten black & whites parked in a semi-circle, There, were large lights pointed towards the exit that Dopey had used.  There was also a police helicopter circling overhead.
A Lieutenant Prophet gets on the megaphone and says,
if you are in fact Dopey, get down on the ground, with your arms stretched to either side.
Dopey did as he was ordered to do. A female police officer approached Dopey and cuffed him from behind.
Dopey, I’m Detective O’Casey, need something to drink?
bout a Bloody Mary?
If you help me find Snow White, I’ll buy you one myself.
Sorry, can’t help you.
Happy says you are the unrecognized leader of The Seven Dwarfs?
Happy has a big mouth, and besides, he’s usually high on all the brownies he eats.
When was the last time you saw Ms. White?
I Saw her yesterday.
Really, yesterday?
Where and when?
I saw her at Zelda Zimmerman’s mansion, in Beverly Hills. It was around 5 pm.
Zelda Zimmerman is that mega-wealthy old crone?
Yeah, that’s right and when I saw Snow, she was a bit tied-up.



Writing Prompt
Snow White is missing and the police have rounded up seven suspects. You are the detective. Pick a suspect from the lineup. Write a story between 300 and 500 words that details a police interrogation of your chosen suspect.

Snow White and the Seven Suspects
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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