Young Adult Poetry posted January 2, 2018

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A painful, but all-too-often true story.

Young Girl Cries

by Alison Hendrix

Alone so long, a young girl cries,
Then she prays and wipes the tears away from her eyes.
"Dear God," she says, "Satan tells me I'm not pretty,
And so I am worth nothing to society."
No one comes to comfort her,
She goes on crying as before.
"Dear God," she prays after a while,
"I've met a man who makes me smile.
He tells me that I'm beautiful, and makes me feel so high,
But God there's hunger on his face, and lustful looks in his eye."
She's driven by the curse of Eve,
No one cares, they just watch her grieve.
For though Satan has lied to her since birth,
No one has come to show her her worth.
So in more time, she prays again,
"Dear God it hurts, but I think I love him.
He rarely calls when he says he will,
And I always pay when we go out for a meal.
He stares at other women and he hits me sometimes,
But doesn't love cover a multitude of crimes?"
Still there's no one to show her the way,
So she's molded by media into the part she must play.
Soon she's in agony, in desperation she cries,
"Dear God it hurts, the neglect and the lies!
I've given to him all that I am,
Your precious treasure I've traded for a sham!
My heart is ripped to pieces, my sense of self is lost,
But he tells me that I'm beautiful, and that's what matters most."

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I wrote this years ago after being in an abusive relationship, and realized that I thought I needed to be beautiful. I thought that if I were more beautiful, he wouldn't treat me that way. I wrote this poem endeavoring to convince other girls that they are so very worthy, and to never allow themselves to be treated unfairly. I welcome all reviews, especially ones that would help me to more clearly get the message across. Thank you for reading!
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