Horror and Thriller Fiction posted January 5, 2018

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Flash Fiction Horror Story

The Cat That Hated Me

by Ogden

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

I have always loved animals.

Except my wife's cat, Daphne. Soon after Susan adopted her, Daphne began behaving strangely. When I approached her, she'd arch her back, every hair stood on end, and, baring her fangs, she'd hiss threateningly. I soon came to realize, Susan's cat was jealous. Whenever we got into bed, Daphne would howl pitifully. 

We decided to keep her outside of the room, with the door closed.
But, incensed, Daphne reacted violently, clawing at the door and hurling her body at it. 

Reluctantly, Susan locked her in the basement.

Still, we heard her uninterrupted yowling. Next morning, Susan returned Daphne to the pound. When she explained the reason, the manager told her of Daphne's extraordinary history. Her previous owner, a young woman, committed suicide. Her diary revealed an unsatisfactory sexual relationship with her cat!

A month later, we began to hear Daphne's familiar nightly shrieking. Susan called the pound to inquire about the cat. Daphne had died the previous month from complications of a sexually transmitted disease! 

Yet, the disturbances continued, and we felt it necessary to sell the house. At a considerable loss.
We learned it had a reputation of being haunted by a caterwauling 

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