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Monroe decides to stakeout the bars

A chapter in the book Detective Monroe

Time for a stakeout

by SLMorrical

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A serial killer who looks like the lead detective. The detective finds out he has a twin but a twin sister, and the only witness is the daughter of one of the murdered women.
Eddie arrives at the station, and stops at the front desk before proceeding into his office. The desk Sargent was Louis Shaw, "Sargent Shaw I need you to put out a call to all officers for a debriefing in the conference room at 1800. We need to set up stakeouts in all the bars to try and catch this guy."

"Okay Detective it will be done."

Eddie proceeds to his office to call Tommy Sewer. Tommy is happy to hear the news about his sister being alive and staying with some Nuns. Before hanging up Tommy tells Eddie that his aunt is taking him and his sister to live with her. That is the kind of news Eddie likes to hear, and at least something good will come out of these horrific serial killings.

The conference room is full of Melview's finest and all eyes are on Detective Monroe. The room is quiet as Monroe starts to speak. "Okay everybody listen up, this is how the stakeouts are going to go. We will have teams in plain clothes in the bar watching for the suspect. Your team assignment is on the sheet of paper that is being passed around. We know the killer picks his victims randomly, but we do not know the criteria he uses. The teams will consist of one male officer and one female officer. Should you come in contact with the suspect call for backup do not engage on your own. The suspect we are looking for looks like me, so make sure it is not me before engaging." The officers in the room gasped at that information. How can they be looking for someone that looks like the detective? Eddie could feel all eyes on him. "Yes he looks like me, and it is not me. Now, everyone has their assignments let's get moving and catch this guy before he kills another woman." Eddie began to wonder how he could be at a stakeout to catch a suspect that looks like him?

Eddie sits in his car listening to the police scanner. All the teams are in place in the bars throughout Melview. One of the teams has to come across this guy, Eddie thought. He is sure tonight is the night the murders will stop. The stakeout goes until 3am and and no one came across the suspect. He went back to his office and looked up Sally Chapman, whose fingerprints were on the bracelet.

Tommy is looking forward to seeing his sister and knowing she was okay was a relief for him. Detective Monroe gave Tommy the directions to the shelter. He didn't mind the taxi ride much because he is going to get his sister and they are taking a bus to live with their Aunt. Tommy wonders how Claire ended up at the shelter? Detective Monroe didn't tell him how she ended up there.

The Nun answered the door and led Tommy down the hall to the room his sister was staying. When he gets to the door Claire looks at him, gets up, runs over to him, and gives him a very big hug. Tommy is smiling. He is very happy. "Claire I am glad you are okay."

"Tommy I was so scared. I saw who killed mom. It was Eddie Monroe. I saw him standing over mom's body with the bloody knife in his hand. He ran out the door."

"Claire you must be mistaken. He is the one that found you, and he is looking for mom's killer."

"I am not wrong. I saw him." Claire is stern with her words.

"Look we have to catch a bus. We are going to Aunt Sarah's she said she will take us in. You cannot stay here if what you're saying is true. We need to go now." Tommy rushed Claire out to the taxi. Tommy realizes that if Claire is right they need to leave Melview and fast. If Monroe believes Claire knows he's the one that is killing. He may come after her. Tommy feels the need to protect his sister, and needs to get her out of this town. "The bus station and fast, our bus leaves in 30 minutes."

"Yes sir." The driver pulls away from the shelter. Tommy just wanted to get Claire as far away as possible for her safety. The taxi picks up speed and this is soothing to Tommy; the sooner Claire is away from here the better he will feel.

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