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Unleashed Chaos/A Novel of the Breedline series

A chapter in the book Unleashed Chaos

Secrets and Betrayal/Part Two

by scongrove

Happy New Year!

Even though Sebastian kept his promise to Eve, and brought back their twin sons, she discovered he was keeping a secret. Not only did Sebastian sneak into the Breedline Covenant to retrieve Arius and Tidus, he also kidnapped Tessa. As Eve’s curiosity stirred, she eavesdropped on a conversation between Sebastian’s twin brother Thomas and Lilith in hopes of finding out what they planned on doing with Tessa. She was shocked and confused after hearing Lilith was Tessa’s biological mother.     
As Eve listened to the exchange between Thomas and Lilith, she wanted to burst into the room and demand answers. But she was afraid. Eve was scared out of her mind Lilith would become angry and keep her from her sons.
            “She’s beautiful,” Lilith praised, running a hand through Tessa’s long hair. As Tessa’s lids slightly cracked, her eyes were glassy and fixed on the ceiling. Lilith leaned over her, and murmured, “Her eyes remind me of someone from the past.”
            During the significant experimental transformation Dr. Hubert Crane had done on Lilith, she had very little recollection of Tessa or Steven. Only now bits and pieces of her past randomly flashed through her mind. Mere images and voices as if she was looking through a stranger’s photo album. The pictures included her but not the memory. After she had found her journal, she’d discovered her true identity and the documented words of her forgotten life. Tessa and Steven were her children.     
            Tessa didn’t move... didn’t acknowledge Lilith in any way. Her body was motionless, staring out of empty eyes.
            As she reached out to touch Tessa’s cheek, she halted her movement when she noticed a pink mark that closely resembled a hand print. “What is this?” Lilith hissed, looking up at Thomas.
            “It was an accident,” Thomas replied, glancing at Tessa’s face and then back up at Lilith. “She was proving difficult.”
            “You are forbidden to bring harm upon her,” she bit out. “Do you understand?”
            Thomas’s lips tightened into a thin line as he lowered his head. “Yes, Lilith.”    
            She looked away from Thomas and shifted her eyes back on Tessa, trying to get inside her mind. But Lilith felt nothing through their pathway… just silence and nothingness. Gently, she reached for Tessa and lifted her up like a flower plucked from the ground by a tender hand. As she cradled Tessa’s body in her arms, she was limp, her head sagging against her shoulder.
            Lilith lifted her chin and turned to Thomas’s henchman like the boneless swivel of an owl’s head. “You gave her too much, Garrett,” she seethed, narrowing her eyes.
            “I-I’m sorry, Lilith,” he said, stumbling over his words. “I don’t understand.” He shook his head, his eyes wide with fear and swallowed compulsively. “I gave her a small dose, just enough to calm her down.”
            Garrett slowly took a couple of steps back, squeezing his eyes shut, anticipating the pain of Lilith’s wrath. When he reopened them, the face staring into his was hypnotic and paralyzing. As Lilith’s voice filtered into his thoughts, he turned and quietly left the room.
            Startled, Eve froze when Garrett walked through the door. As he moved past her, she stiffened, expecting him to turn around and give her away. But Garrett kept his focus forward, ignoring her presence and continued as though he was in a trance. When he stopped at the end of the hallway, he reached inside his jacket and took out his weapon. Eve placed her hand over her mouth, and soundlessly screamed as she watched him put the butt of the gun to his forehead.
             Seconds later, a loud pop echoed, and Garrett dropped to the floor. Shocked at what she just witnessed, Eve scurried past Garrett’s lifeless body and bolted up the stairs.      
            Gently lowering Tessa back down, Lilith placed her palm over Tessa’s rounded belly and kept it there, awaiting movement. When she felt the twins shifting inside Tessa’s stomach, she smiled. And then her brilliant light suddenly illuminated from her body, surrounding Tessa with the warmth of healing.
            Tessa saw a light from overhead, sheltering her, and warming her. She blinked several times. The vision that came to her crept up so quietly, at first she didn’t know what her eyes were registering.
            “You and your babies are going to be fine,” Lilith spoke to her in a voice that cast in an echo.
            Tessa didn’t hear a word she said because she couldn’t comprehend what she was looking at. It was a ghostlike image of a woman with glowing eyes, shimmering like crystals. And then fear set in. The woman resembled her, except she looked younger.
            “I’m not going to harm you,” Lilith muttered, her voice soft and soothing. “Your blood is of mine. I am… your mother.
            In the silence that followed, Tessa went completely numb, her brows clenching in confusion. Was this all just a hallucination from the drugs she’d been given, or was this actually happening? Could this transparent apparition really be her mother? Okay, as family reunions went, this one was bizarre and unbelievable, she thought.
            “What?” Tessa mumbled, shaking her head. “But you look so... young. You can’t be my mother.”
            “Yes, it is true,” Lilith said, releasing a sigh of despair. “Words alone cannot explain what I am. Let me show you.”
            Tessa flinched as Lilith placed her glowing hand to her face. On a sigh, Tessa leaned into the imprint of her palm and the warmth of her nonexistent flesh. As Lilith connected into Tessa’s mind, images were shown to her like photos of a picture book, flipping pages through Lilith’s past.
            When she withdrew her hand, Tessa let out a deep breath. She shook her head and seemed like she was going to speak, but couldn’t form the words. All the blood left her face. Sadness knotted her gut and sympathy rolled over her like a tidal wave. As Tessa finally found her voice, she said, “What they did to you—”  
            Tessa had seen the agony of her mother’s past, and all the painful experiments she’d endured for years. Now her mother was an entirely different species—something that went against the very laws of nature. And then she brought her hand forward and placed it on her mother’s face as tears dropped from the corners of her eyes. Tessa frowned and lowered her hand. “I don’t understand. Why have you brought me here, and what do you want with my babies?”  
            Lilith shifted her focus on Thomas again and shot him a murderous glare. Without saying a single word, Thomas knew she was furious with him.       
            “Please, Lilith,” he muttered, his voice laced with fear. “I—”
            “Leave us,” she interjected. “And clean up the mess outside.”
            Thomas bowed as the sound of air escaped his parted lips. “Yes, Lilith,” he obediently complied.
            As Thomas exited the room, leaving Lilith and Tessa alone, he shut the door behind him. Moving to the end of the hallway, he stopped by Garrett’s body and leaned over him. He was lying on the floor, his eyes glassy with death.
            After Thomas picked up Garrett’s pistol and tucked it inside his jacket, he took out his cell phone. Searching through his contacts, he initiated a call.
            “It’s Thomas Carlyle,” he said in a low voice. “Be ready. We’re running out of time,” he said nervously, his hand shaking as he dragged it through his long hair. “Lilith is regaining her memories. I’ll contact you as soon as we have her son.”
            The party on the other end let out an aggravated sigh. “Enough vaiding!” the sharp voice was in a thick German accent. “Ve go now! Rentezffous vith my men at the locazion in ein hour.”
            In the silence that followed, a chill went up Thomas’s spine, and anxiety gripped him all over again. “But Doctor Crane… I need more time.”
            “You’fe had more zan enough time!” He barked. “If you and your brother are not at the Breedline Coffenant vithin the hour… you’ll be lying on a cold slab instead. I’ll haffe my men come for Lilith’s daughder,” he directed, his voice laced with rage. “Be ready!”
            Thomas shook his head against the phone. His nostrils flared, and his lips flattened into a thin line. “You’ll still keep your end of the bargain?” Thomas asked. “No harm will come to Lilith, right?”   
            As Thomas anxiously awaited Dr. Crane’s reply, there was only silence on the other end.   
            Wordlessly he ended the call, not wanting to risk angering Dr. Crane by saying anything further. After tucking his phone back inside his jacket, Thomas looked to the front door when he heard it open and close.
            “What the hell happened?” Sebastian said as he stood across the room, staring at Garrett’s dead body.     
            When the door clicked shut, Tessa slowly sat up and scooted back against a small pillow, keeping her eyes locked on Lilith. The two of them were utterly silent until Tessa finally spoke out. “Are you going to hurt my babies?”
            “No,” Lilith’s reply was instantaneous. “I want to keep them safe.”
            Tessa’s brows clenched, her expression appearing confused. “Who are you keeping them safe from?”
            “From the ones,” Lilith paused and closed her eyes briefly, “that did this to me.”  
            “Why did you take me away from my Covenant?” Tessa asked in a persistent tone. “I’m protected there. You’ve caused my fiancé a great deal of pain. He doesn’t even know if I’m dead or alive. And my father… he must be worried sick,” Tessa said, and then added, “You do remember him, don’t you?”
            Lilith’s eyes widened and suddenly filled with tears. As the droplets slid down her cheeks, she reached up and wiped her finger across her translucent skin. Looking down at the wetness on her fingertip, Lilith had a crushing sensation enter her body. Throughout her memories, she didn’t recall ever expressing this emotion. After all the torture she’d been through, it had gotten to the point that she believed she’d been born without tear ducts. But feelings of sorrow crept into her empty chest, and squeezed her dead heart, replacing it with a beating rhythm. For the first time in years, she could feel the thump of her heart, beating with a fast tempo.
            As she placed her hand over her chest, her gaze met Tessa’s.  A portion of Lilith’s blank memories came back, her curse of the past returned once again. “I remember… his name is Kenneth.”
            In the silence that followed, Lilith was making a personal mission to eradicate Dr. Hubert Crane and anyone that worked for him. Even if it took the rest of her life, she would protect her family until she took her last breath.
            Lilith looked strained. “I’m sorry, Tessa—”
            Abruptly, Lilith stopped in mid-sentence and looked at the door as the sounds of knocking caught her attention. After a moment she wiped her cheeks and called out, “Who’s there?”
            “It’s Sebastian. I need to speak with you,” his voice echoed from behind the closed door. “It’s urgent.”
To be continued...


Note: This is not part of the chapter. A reference for terms and characters, especially for new readers:

BREEDLINE - A species of humans that have the ability to change from human form into a wolf. They are not like the old legend of the Lycanthropy myth. Breedline species can shift into their wolf at will. The moon has no power over them. They do not pass their ability to other humans with a bite or scratch like the Lycanthropy myth.
The Breedline gene is passed down to offspring that are born identical twins. Although they live amongst human, their species must be kept secret.
In wolf form, they have super strength, speed, and heightened senses. Compared to humans, Breedlines have tremendous advantages when it comes to health. Their bodies heal fast and are not subject to illnesses or diseases. The only thing that slows their healing process is silver. It is their kryptonite. Besides old age, a silver bullet to the brain is the only thing deadly to the species. All males change into their wolf at the age of eighteen. Females do not go through the change until they make love to their Breedline bonded mate.

BREEDLINE TWINS - Identical twins that are born from either one or both parents of the Breedline species. They have a strong, unbreakable bond from birth, are born with telepathic abilities, and have the power to sense the other's emotions or injuries. In some cases, the bond between twins are so strong that if one dies, the other twin may pass on, especially if they don't have a mate.

BREEDLINE BONDING - The male Breedline spends their life in search of their bonded mate. When the male comes in contact with her, he instantly feels a simultaneous, desirable attraction and she becomes the most important thing in his life. He is there to love, protect, and cherish her until death. Once they are mated, they bond for life. It is possible for them to have more than one mate in their lifespan.

BELOVED - A word used by a Breedline to express the bond to their mate.

DOUBLE BONDED - In some cases, male Breedline twins bond with the same female but one will carry a stronger bond. Usually one of them must sacrifice for the other twin.

BREEDLINE COVENANT - The Breedline species must live within the boundaries of a Covenant, which is only formed with their species. The Covenant is governed and ruled by a head council. The council keeps their laws in order and oversees the species population.

THE BREEDLINE QUEEN - Over centuries the Breedline Covenant is ruled by a true queen. If there is no queen living, the Covenants are governed by an appointed head council until another one is born. A Breedline queen is born once every one hundred years. Her massive stature, black fur, and red eyes are the queen's trademarks. Her alpha wolf has twice the strength, speed, and size of any Breedline. The queen is expected to rule over all the Breedline Covenants where she will be respected and obeyed by all Breedline. This is their absolute True Law.

THE QUEENS RING - This ring has been passed down to all Breedline queens for generations. When the new queen places the ring on, it instantly shifts in size to fit her finger.

TRUE LAW - All Breedline Covenants have an ancient book of laws. If either sex disobeys the Breedline laws, they can be shunned, or no longer protected by their Covenant. If a Breedline takes another life out of revenge, or evil - other than protecting their life and the life of another - they will never have the ability to shift back human and will be cast out as a rogue wolf.

ROGUE WOLF - A Breedline shunned by their Covenant for taking another life out of revenge or evil and forced to live as a wolf until death without the ability to change human again. Some rogue wolves form into packs, which can be dangerous for other Breedline species.

RED (BLOOD) MOON - When the full moon passes through the amber shadow of the earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So begins a lunar eclipse tetrad, a series of four consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six-month intervals. This incredible light beams into the heart of earth's shadow, filling it with a coppery glow and transforming the moon into a great red orb. During this time, all Breedline species that are mated have a strong desire to create offspring. This is also a time when Breedline females are more fertile for the conception of twins.

CHIANG-SHIH DEMON (Kiang shi, a.k.a Ramael Arminius) - An ancient demon that inhabits the body of a Breedline fetus before it's born, or during a Breedline's death. It continues to take the soul over the natural lifespan of the child, or the deceased Breedline. When the demon possesses a fetus, it breaks the bonding and telepathic abilities of their twin when they are born. If the demon possesses a deceased Breedline's body, it must do so before the soul passes on. If the soul is not intact, the body will soon die.
In most cases, the Chiang-shih demon will take the life of the other twin, even before their birth. The twin that is born with the demon will bring only evil to whomever they encounter. Their sole purpose is to gain full control of another soul and seek world domination.

There are two ways the demon is cast from the soul it possesses: by its firstborn son, and by the Angel of Mercy, Zadkiel. The Beast is the only one who can kill a Chiang-shih demon.

THE BEAST - He is the second born son of the Chiang-shih demon. When provoked into a rage, he will shift into his Beast instead of his Breedline wolf. The Beast is an enormous, dangerous two-footed creature that has wolf-like features. One bite has enough venom to kill the Chiang-shih demon and leave the soul of the person the demon possessed unharmed.

SHADOW WALKER (a.k.a Shadow Figure, or Black Mass) - The perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly interpreted by the Breedline as the presence of a malevolent entity. When a Breedline species dies and does not pass on to the other side, they are left to roam the earth as a shadow of themselves - a ghost. They will not pass on until they have settled unfinished business before their death.

ZADKIEL (Tzadqiel, a.k.a "Righteousness of God") - The Archangel of freedom, benevolence, and mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive. Breedline species tradition considers him to be the Angel of Mercy.

SUCCUBUS (a.k.a CREEPERS) - Creatures that search for, and feeds off the blood of the Breedline species. Creepers are skilled at extreme sexual pleasure, and the ecstasy they create is exceedingly intense and highly addictive. They cast off a scent that hypnotizes Breedlines into overwhelming sexual urges. They use their human-like bodies and beautiful features to control and influence their thoughts.
They have the ability to reach into the Breedline's mind during sleep, casting a spell of dreams about sexual contact, or intercourse. And one much less obvious manifestation of Creepers is nightmares - realistic, graphic, terrifying nightmares that rob the Breedline of sleep. Over a period, it can lead to severe fatigue and depression, leaving them emotionally and spiritually drained. Death can occur if they completely take over the Breedline's body.

HALF-BREED - This species is born with the genes from both Breedline and succubus. They can bond with either a full-blood Breedline or another half-breed. They do not have the ability to change into the Breedline wolf, but they do need blood from them to survive. With the power to hypnotize, most Breedlines have minimal respect and credence toward the half-breed species.

WICCA (or Wise One) - According to the Breedline species, a Wicca is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. A Wicca is also considered to be a demonic spirit. It is unclear to the Breedline if they act under the orders of the devil, or they are simply not understood and treated as outcasts. They have the ability to do white magic (good) or dark (evil).

KATAKO (a.k.a Lucas, or Dark Shadow) - He is the Chiang-shih demon's offspring that is born both Breedline and Wiccan. After one year, the Katako develops into an adult with the mind of a child, without reaching full maturity. It has the power to appear translucent, or become completely invisible. Being born half Breedline, it can shift into a wolf and transform, or mimic another creature with the power to instantly travel from one place to another. Their true purpose of creation is to bring forth the souls stuck in purgatory by using one drop of its blood. The Breedline queen's bite is the only way to destroy it.

GOLEMS (a.k.a The Death Army) - Evil creatures created by dark Wiccans with the power of necromancy. By releasing the souls of demons stuck in purgatory, the Wicca can give them the ability to shape into a creature that is made from earth. These creatures have various qualities, such as mass strength, enormous stature, and the power to consume their victims by saturating them with mud.

GUARDIANS (a.k.a Spirits of the Forest) - They originated during the Middle Ages with the purpose of protecting all creatures, especially the Breedline, from the destruction of any creation made by a dark Wicca. They have the ability to stay invisible with the power to move through any barrier and over any distance instantly.

THERIOMORPH - This species is born with the genes of a Breedline, but do not have the ability to change into a Breedline wolf. They shape shift into an enormous black panther. They possess powers of mind manipulation and random visions of the future. They must use the drug dopamine to suppress their urges. Their eye color shifts into a glowing lavender when their Theriomorph nature takes over. The Breedline see them as a threat to their species.

Jace Chamberlain (a.k.a The Beast) - He is a Breedline species who later discovers that his birth father, who is possessed by the Chiang-shih demon, murdered his mother when he and his twin brother were four years old. Raised by their new foster family and their uncle Jacks, he later discovers he was born with a curse of the Beast. With the help of his twin brother Jem, and his bonded mate Tessa, they help him cope with his rage to keep the Beast at bay. He�¢??s an IT engineer and is the lead singer and plays acoustic guitar in the band Chaos.

Jem Chamberlain (a.k.a The Chosen Son) - He is a Breedline species and Jace's twin brother. He carries the gene of the Chiang-shih demon that gives him the power to create a portal, and a force of electric energy used as a weapon and other powers he discovers later. His bonded mate is Mia Blackwood, and he's an IT engineer and the drummer in the band Chaos.

Tessa Fairchild - (a.k.a The Breedline Queen) - She was born into the human world and later discovers she's a Breedline. Abandoned by her parents, she was raised by her aunt and uncle without the knowledge of being born a twin. After she meets Jace, they become bonded mates. During her first change into her Breedline wolf, she is the new Breedline queen. She is an inspiring artist.

Dr. John and Sarah Chamberlain - They are Jace, Jem and Cassie's adoptive human parents. They are physicians in a children's unit, and also donate their time to the emergency center.

Chester and Amelia Ewan - They are called Guardians - a species originated during the Middle Ages with the purpose of protecting all creatures, especially the Breedline, from the destruction of any creation made by a dark Wiccan.

Jackson Gray - He is Jace and Jem's biological uncle - Katlyn Gray's older brother. Although he carries the gene of the Breedline, he does not shift into a wolf. Only Breedlines born with an identical twin have the ability to change into their wolf. He's a medical supply pilot.

Mia Blackwood - She is a half-breed and Jem's bonded mate. Abandoned at birth and raised in human foster care, she later finds her twin sister, Eve.

EVE - She is a half-breed and Sebastian's bonded mate. Growing up in human foster care, she spent her entire childhood abused until Sebastian saves her. Scorned from her past, she lashes out in anger, living a life of crime later to discover her twin sister, Mia Blackwood. After realizing the Chiang-shih demon possesses Sebastian, Eve clings to the past in hopes of reuniting with her beloved. Now that Sebastian is finally free of the demon, she has trust issues, worried he has an alternative plan for their sons.

Sebastian Crow - He is a half-breed, and Eve's bonded mate. After he had been killed by Jace in self- defense, he was possessed by the Chiang-shih demon after the Angel of Mercy cast him out of Alexander's body. As he tried to portray Sebastian's life, Eve finally figured out his secret. Keeping her captive only to survive on her blood, he later develops feelings for her. The demon creates a death army, determined to dominate the world and unleash his wrath amongst humans and the Breedline. Now free from the demon, he is determined to reunite with his beloved Eve who is kept prisoner by the Breedline Covenant awaiting trial for her past crimes against them.

Alexander Crest - He is a Breedline who was possessed by the Chiang-shih demon before birth. Murdering his family, Alexander kidnapped his twin's bonded mate, Katlyn Gray. Keeping her prisoner against her will, she becomes pregnant with his twins. As she managed to escape before she gave birth, Alexander eventually kills her in a fit of rage. Returning for his chosen son twenty-two years later, he is determined to convince him to join his army. After the battle between the Breedline, the demon is finally cast out of Alexander setting his soul free. For the demon's past crimes, Alexander is pardoned and must reside in the Breedline Covenant. Praying for forgiveness, he reunites with his twin sons, Jace and Jem. As he fights to keep his new family safe, romance blossoms with Dr. Helen Carrington.

Tim Ross - He is a Breedline species and head council of the California Covenant. Angel, his bonded mate - who is a half-breed - has Tim's daughter they named Natalie, after her sister.

Angel - She is a half-breed and Tim's bonded mate.

Natalie - She is a half-breed and Tim and Angel's daughter.

Kyle Jones - He is a Breedline species that resides in the California Covenant. Having lost his family to a house fire at childhood, his uncle Tim Ross has raised him since. Celina Baldolf is his bonded mate. He's a mechanic and also Jace and Jem's close friend, and plays bass in the rock band Chaos.

Casey Barton - He was born of the Breedline species, and lives in the California Covenant. He was adopted by Tim Ross's brother and carries a deep dark secret, afraid to reveal to the Breedline. He is a clothing model and plays backup bass and keyboards in the band Chaos.

Dr. Helen Carrington - She is a Breedline species and a physician at the California Bates hospital for both Breedlines and humans. Later, she discovers Jace and Jem carry a gene, possibly used for a cure to stop the aging process in her species. After Alexander's demon is banished, he is pardoned for all past crimes and welcomed into the Breedline Covenant. When he meets Helen, they become bonded mates.

Drakon Hexus - He is a Breedline species. At a young age, his first bonded mate was killed by her father. In a rage, he hunts and kills her murderer, breaking the Breedline's True Law. Shunned by his Covenant and forced to live as a rogue wolf, he's promised his humanity back if he joins the Chiang-shih demon's army. After Drakon discovers the demon's plans to destroy all humans and half-breeds, he betrays him and joins forces with the Breedline. As time passes, he bonds with another mate, Cassie Chamberlain.

Cassie Chamberlain - Adopted at age two by Jace and Jem's adoptive parents after her mother abandons her. Later, she discovers she is a Breedline species and bonds with the handsome Drakon Hexus. She is a nurse practitioner, specializing in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Malachi O'Conner - He was born a Breedline species, and shunned by the Breedline Covenant after breaking their True Law. Alexander Crest's demon later forced him into joining his army of rogue wolves. After he had tried to escape, he endured cruel torture from the Alexander's Chiang-shih demon. He was later rescued by the Breedline and pardoned for his past crimes.

Celina Baldolf - She is a Breedline species with the power of a Wiccan, but only practices white witchcraft. Her twin sister Taliah - a dark Wicca - murdered their parents when they were twelve years old. Dr. Helen Carrington is their aunt, and Kyle Jones is Celina's Breedline bonded mate. She is an editor for a local publishing company.

Taliah Baldolf - She is a Breedline species and the mother of the Katako. Using her powers as a dark Wiccan, she joins forces with the Chiang-shih demon to create his death army. After she threatens to kill the Breedline queen, the Beast overpowers her and sends her to her death.

Samuel Mercier - He is a Breedline and a council member from France that has secretly turned against his own Covenant to help the Chiang-shih demon. He and his other Breedline traitors go into hiding after the Breedline destroy the demon, desperate to seek revenge against the Covenant.

Fredrick Mercier - He is a Breedline and Samuel Mercier's identical twin. Also, he's a council member from France that has secretly turned against the Covenant to help the Chiang-shih demon.

Corbin Azzo - He is a Breedline and a council member that has turned against the Covenant to help the Chiang-shih demon.
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