General Fiction posted January 2, 2018

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Two men enjoy a meal together in a fancy restaurant


by oliver818

Grease dripped from Lionel's fingers as he reached out for another chicken wing. First, he sucked the skin from the soft flesh, and then, before even chewing, dug his teeth deep into the meat, tearing it away from the bone with a loud slurp. When all the meat was in his mouth, tiny ends poking over the edge of his lips, his fingers were already tightly coiled around the next piece.

He looked over at his friend, Henry, who was tucking into his own whole fried chicken on the other side of the table.

"I'm feeling a bit thirsty, do you want another drink, Henry?" he asked between swallows.

"Sure, order us up some more wine," Henry answered, wiping his fingers on the already filthy napkin draped around his neck.

Lionel's fingers left gluey, translucent stains on the wine bottle as he poured the last drops into his glass, raised his fat fingers and snapped for the waiter.

"Would you like something else to drink, sir?" the nervous looking waiter asked.

"Bring us a bottle of house red, please. No, make that two." His fat lips slapped shut over a large piece of garlic bread.

"Certainly, sir."

"And bring our steaks. Well-done, with an extra portion of potatoes, and another bowl of fried chicken."

"Fish and chips for me. I prefer something a little lighter on the side," Henry added.

"Are you gentleman celebrating something tonight, sir?" the waiter asked, stabbing at the order pad with a bright pink pen.

"No," Lionel added.

"Very good, sir."

Juice from a lobster claw splashed up onto Lionel's face as he snapped it off, and it dribbled off his glasses and rolled down his chin. A bottle of wine was presented to his left, and he waved the waiter towards his glass.

"Fill it up. And don't forget to bring the other one. We'll need it soon," Lionel said.

Table by table, the other guests left, but not before taking a moment to stare at the mountain of food on the table, and the super-sized men chowing into it. The lobster fell away, emptied by sucking lips. The steaks shrunk, mouthful by mouthful. The fish and chips was slurped down like soup, and finally, the fat fingers raised again.

"Waiter, one chocolate cake for my friend here, one raspberry pie for myself, and a box of strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Oh, and a bottle of cognac."

"Right away sir."

The plates landed on the table with a soft thump.

"What's this?" Lionel asked, his chins shaking, his eyes widening.

"One chocolate cake, and one raspberry pie, sir."

"No, not at all. That is one slice of chocolate cake and one slice of raspberry cake. Where is the rest?"

"Cakes are normally served by the slice, sir."

"Not to us, they aren't. Bring out the rest. No, in fact leave those. Bring us a fresh, untouched chocolate cake, and a fresh, untouched raspberry pie. And make it snappy."

"Yes, sir, sorry sir, I'm new here you see," the waiter answered.

"Unbelievable the service here tonight. I mean really, how long have we been coming here, Henry?"

"Three years, I should think."

"At least. Well, I still say they do the best food in town so I guess we will just have to stick with them."

Twenty minutes later, spoons dropped to the table, the last of the cognac splashed into the glasses, and the two men clumped their way out of the restaurant.

"I'm thinking that full English breakfast buffet place for breakfast, Henry. What do you think?" Lionel asked, flagging down a taxi.

"Sounds good. And back here tomorrow night?"

"Indeed, my friend. Indeed."

I missed the sin competition but I liked the idea so I thought I would post this anyway.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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