General Poetry posted December 31, 2017

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This is a poem about a childhood whim.


by Alison Hendrix

When I was very young, I wanted many things:
Stars, and dolls, ponies, and jelly rings.
Each day something new I set my heart upon.
Sometimes, though, I'd limit my wishes to one.
Such an occasion arose one day
When I decided I needed a pearl with which to play.
It had to be special, not just any pearl,
It must certainly be the largest in the world!
It should be huge, the size of a cue-ball;
The plastic ones on my necklace were much too small.
Mother and Father loved me a lot,
So whatever I wanted, I usually got.
Father was not rich, but he did what he could,
He carved me a cue-ball-sized pearl out of scrap wood.
He smoothed and he rounded- oh the time he was taking!
As I stared with wide eyes at the treasure he was making.
Then, he said, he must take me to the store
To buy nail polish of a nice pearly color!
Once it was done, it was magnificent!
And all it cost was the polish and the time that was spent.
So I'll remember this lesson as long as I live,
It's not wise to choose friends by what they can give.
True love is measured by time that you share
Not by the riches or the money you can spare.
In my heart, this pearl of wisdom will always stay:
When choosing between love and riches, I'll take the wooden pearl any day!

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