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One of Seven deadly sins


by rockinm76233

"I'll take five more of those tomatoes please." Ivy told the produce manager.

"Ma'am you already have fifteen in your basket, are you sure you want five more?"

"Just give me five more tomato's and let me worry about what I want."

"Yes, ma'am." The Produce Manager answered as he loaded five more of the fresh, rich,

vibrant, rosey red tomatoes into Ivy's already overflowing cart.

'I wish people would mind their own business. Why would he care how many tomatoes I

buy?' Ivy thought to herself.

Then she saw the sign that read:

'Fresh tomatoes, straight from McAllen's Organic Farm. Please limit quantity so everyone

will have a chance to enjoying these delicious home-grown tomatoes.'

Mumbling to herself, Ivy said,

"Good thing I got five extra, I'll come back tomorrow at a different time when the same

produce manager is not on duty and get twenty more."

Ivy loaded the tomatoes in the back seat of her car, and then she slid across the leather

seats of her new Mercedes she had purchased with the money her great aunt had left her.

She proceeded to the cleaners.

She illegally parked in front of the cleaners, and took her time carrying in an armful of

dirty laundry. The front desk employee greeted her.

"I see you are running a special on dry cleaning today." Ivy said.

"Yes, ma'am we are. Two garments for the price of one."

"Ok, here are a few garments I have I'd like dry cleaned." Ivy stated.

"Ma'am are you aware that these garments can be laundered?"

"Yes, I know, but you are not running a two for one on laundry. So, dry clean them." Ivy

answered haughtily.

"Yes, ma'am." The clerk answered.

Ivy walked to her car, ignoring the fact she had tied up the traffic behind her with her

illegal parking. She slowly got in her car and proceeded down the now crowded street. She

ignored the honking horns and hand gestures directed at her.

She pulled into the local sno-cone stand and exited the car.

On a small, hand painted sign on the front of the small blue building were the words,

"Buy one, get one free to share with a friend."

'Hump,' Ivy thought, 'I'm not sharing anything I own with anyone. These things are all

mine. I worked hard for my money, so to share is not happening.'

Ivy walked to the window and said, 'I'll take two strawberry sno-cones please."

"Yes, ma'am." The smiling attendant answered.

When the girl handed Ivy the two icy sno-cones, she said,

"Ma'am It's really warm out today. I hope you have someone in the car to share the cone

with. It's going to melt pretty fast."

"Then that will be my concern won't it?" Ivy answered, ignoring the small, blonde headed

child that was longingly looking at the luscious strawberry sno-cones.

Ivy's intentions were to take the sno-cones home and put them in her freezer with the

other twelve that were already there.

Her plans for the afternoon included counting all the change she had accumulated in her

change jar and taking it to the bank. That was one of the things Ivy enjoyed most. Going

to the bank and making deposits. She loved seeing her bank account grow.

Ivy passed several homeless people on her journey to the bank. She ignored the signs they

held up. When she passed one man she noticed he held a wrinkled cardboard sign that

read, 'will work for food,' she mouthed the words at him,

'Get a job, loser.'

The usual bank teller greeted Ivy with a smile and a, "hello, Ms. Ivy. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, would you please deposit this rolled change for me?" Ivy asked.

"Of course, Ms. Ivy. You do know that we have a change counter. We could do that for


"Yes, I know, but then I wouldn't get to handle the coins myself." Ivy replied.

"OK, ma'am. Here's your deposit slip.

"Would you mind putting my bank balance on the receipt?" Ivy asked.

"Of course, Ms. Ivy. Sorry, I forgot."

When Ivy looked at the receipt her mouth salivated when she saw the balance. She thought,

"And it's all mine. Every copper penny is mine. I've done it all by myself, with no help from

anyone. "

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