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The sexual desires take over... now what?

Therapy Patient part 2

by Sammy105

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
Aaron was now in the zone. He knew he was walking a thin line and if he went too far, too fast, he would lose a confidante and earn a bad reputation here...

But he knew there they would likely be undisturbed. He was the last patient; it was a small practice and the other therapist was out sick. Privacy was not an issue.

Shall we...?

"Oh, sorry... This makes you uncomfortable, too, right?"

His tongue came out then and traced her toes, from big to small. Her foot jerked back and went under her chair. She sat there, her arms crossed at her knees, pleading with him. There was no threat.

"Please, stop... I don't know what you're doing... I'm a professional, I could lose my license... Just, please..."

He retreated, moved back a foot.

"Okay, sorry... I just wanted to give you a foot rub... I don't think anyone would find out... I love your feet, and you would help remind me of feelings I haven't had for a long time. It might be good for my ego." His voice sounded desperate, he was talking quickly, but didn't care.

"I really can't," She was pleading. She was not angry. Did he still have a shot?

"Did you like it when I did that just now? I can show you a few things, you can show your husband... a few minutes, a foot rub, then I leave"

She voiced out a sign. It felt almost orgasmic. She was staring at him, both hands on the edge of her chair. He stared back. Seconds went by. No one moved.

"Well...? What you waiting for, punk! Go get your girl..." The bully voice went on like a computer waking up from sleep.

He moved back to his original position on the floor. His hand reached out to her feet under the chair, pulled them back out, slowly. There was some resistance. He looked at her right foot, then at her face. Her eyes were peering into his, hungrily. He pulled the strap from her feel and the shoe came off. Then the other. She moved her feet up and down, barely touching the floor with her toes. Her finger motioned to the door. He got up, found the lock, and turned it.

I think we're safe now...

He came back and sat by her feet again.

"Just a foot rub, okay..."

Her hands clutched the edge of the chair, her head bobbed back and forth. Her hair was back from behind her back, swinging like a pendulum.

He took her right foot and ran his thumb and index finger along the back of her toes, then let his tongue slide along the front of them. He added his left hand, moving the hands from the front to the back of her foot, slowly. He heard and felt her breathing shorten.

He grabbed both of her feet, put them on the side of his cheeks, kissing her soles. His hands were holding them tightly, rubbing them. She giggled.

"You love my feet, huh."

He didn't answer. His hands went up into her calves and back.

"That's more than a foot rub..." She said to him, cautiously.

"Yeah... I'll be quick. I just wanna know what my hands can do."

He didn't say it as a question, more a statement. He moved himself closer and her knees were on each side of his head. His hands slide up and down her calves, to her knees and back. He kept his eyes on hers.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you..." She shook her head a bit.

In response, he let his hands travel up to her thighs, back and forth.

"Oh, boy..." That was all she said. It came off as a sign of resignation. No more resistance.

He grabbed at her thighs and pulled them toward him. Her midsection was inches from his face. She looked puzzled, but non-confrontationally down at him. He let his hands go up her thighs and his thumbs touched where they meet. He heard her moan slightly.

He pulled his hands down, sat for a moment, watching her eyes. They were eager and exasperated. His eyes jumped to between her thighs. His fingers went carefully to her zipper. He undid the metallic button on her pants, then pulled the zipper down. Satin blue panties looked him in the face.

"Nice choice!" She breathed out a "hmmm"

He pulled down on her pants, slide them down to her ankles. He opened his mouth and closed it on the part of the panties he thought his target hid. She signed and heaved and put her hands on his head. He repeated.

The he reached out and pulled the panties down just enough to reveal the pink. His tongue came out and took a lick. She threw herself in back of the chair, her hands still on his head. He kept going, letting his tongue deeper.

Her legs were now around his neck, her feet clasped together. His hands were around her butt and thighs. He kept going in for a series of licks, then retract and look at her eyes, begging for more. As she was about to finish, she got up and stuck two fingers inside her and yanked them until she was wet and her moaned, not signed.

"My, you're good! So much talent wasted... We gotta get you back out into the world, buddy!"

"Yep, you'll help with that, I'm sure..."

He stood up, stuck his hand in his pants and looked at her.

"Can I finish, too?"

She took a deep sigh... "I don't care what you do at this point... my senses of right and wrong have left me..."

She reached for his pants and carelessly undid his zipper and button at the top, pulled them down, then his boxers. He got himself erect, and jammed himself into her...

In such a fashioned, they went on for another 20-some minutes. She would bite his shoulders when they were in reach, then he would turn her around and continue doggy style...

After they both finished, he sat back down in his original spot by her feet. He grabbed them again and started kissin' them. She smiled. "Hey, I need to get dressed, this thing is over..."

He left go of her feet and watched her put on her clothes again. Her breathing was coming back. He sat on the floor without a shirt, his boxers on and his pants pulled down.

"That was fun... Do it again sometime?"

She looked at him with caution and stopped and raised her index finger. "I don't know what just happened... but it better be the end... You're very persuasive, you got what you wanted... Now you better go after single girls your own age... And I might have to explain it to my husband one day... God, I hope he will understand... You're just a boy... For heaven's sake..."

He got up, got dressed and sat back on the couch. She was still breathing heavy. She finished her notes and told him to leave. Her eyes did not meet his this time. He came up to her, kissed her cheek and whispered, "your husband is a lucky guy... I wish I had your body to play with whenever I wanted..." He ran a hand through her hair, a traced her thigh one last time, waved good-bye and left...

She put the notes down, put her face into her hands and started to cry.

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