General Poetry posted December 22, 2017

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When A Man Should Take a Stand

by poetsteve15

Sam, my Son
When A Man Should Take a Stand
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I know as a man there comes a time
when I stopped being a boy and had to take a stand
and become a real man. Seriously I needed to be
strong enough to know when take my stand.
To speak out in a loud clear voice and
refuse let the other man
hurt my mother or anyone else.
Though-out your lifetime some people will
try to discredit you, disrespect you and treat you
poorly for no apparent reason at all.
Don't consume yourself with trying to change them
or win their approval.
And gosh sake, do not let take up
any space in your heart for hatred towards them,
they are not worth you soul to worry about.
You don't have any control over
what others think about you anyway.
Let other people love you for who you are
don't you worry about what others mighty 
try make you to be.
You only worry about want you want to become,
not the others.
Because you see my Son, if live by my words,
not my deeds, they can't harm you
either way we are family,
we stick together.


Steve L. Siegel
December 21, 2017

like King Soul I wrote this for son Sam I know I made mistakes in my life I think play card right. I turn 71 in Feb. most friends have already died From the war we was in. I am lucky one The dumb guy who was not see 25 birthday is still around most Dr I had are passed away now. That what me my mom 68. they were almost right once when I tried killing myself. mess that up too. lol but you should seen car not petty. lol I am pas that now I know lord has something for me to do, what is don't know any more.
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