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A loner

Change My Life

by Bar62

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Call Me Rudy
Rudolph Krinkel was born on April 26, 2003, in the Czech Republic. The K
rinkel family had a very difficult time when it came to living a decent life. It wasn’t that they were bad or evil people, on the contrary, the Krinkel family were on the whole very pleasant. They just were not able to get ahead financially.  Frankel drove a truck for The Schiender shoe company. Frankel had been in college for close to two years, he wanted very much to get his teaching credential, before he had to drop out because his family needed the basics of life. They needed food, clothing and a roof over their heads. Mr. Krinkel drove all over Western and Eastern Europe, delivering shoes to retail stores. Frankel got paid a decent salary, but he was away far too often, leaving Ester to take care of the four kids.
Rudolph who was called Rudy for short was a loner. He had no real friends, he was quiet and standoffish. He was made fun of in school, the kids would have a great time making fun of his name, asking him where his sleigh was and laughing about his big red nose. Rudolph hates his name and he hated the kids that made fun of him.

 Rudy had two older brothers and a sister who was just a year older than Rudy. His sister Rebecca cared very much for Rudy, she loved him and was always around to protect him if the schoolkids were giving Rudy a hard time. Rudy, in turn, loved his sister some say in a non-healthy way. He was prone to having nightmares where he would wake up screaming. It was Rebecca who was there to comfort Rudy and lie with him until he fell asleep.
 One Sunday morning after Rudy had an especially frightening nightmare, he had clung to Rebecca all night, the two brothers who were already in high school saw Rudy in bed with Rebecca with his arms and legs wrapped around his sister Rebecca, holding on for dear life. Rebecca was full-on into becoming a woman, and although she could deal with Rudy’s clinginess, it angered her that neither the brothers nor their mother could understand that Rudy was having some major problems. The rest of the family were all consumed with their own individual lives and did not see that Rudolph was sinking.
It finally got to the point where Rebecca started feeling a bit uncomfortable with Rudy’s nighttime habits. She began to refuse his need to sleep with her, she did it with love and compassion, but Rudy only saw the rejection, from his sister, the only one that ever really loved him.
One afternoon in mid-December, Rudy’s school received a donation of a 12 ft. Christmas Tree. The tree was placed outside near the entrance to the school. At the end of the day as the kids were leaving the schoolyard some of the boys in Rudy’s homeroom started giving him a hard time.
“Hey Rudolph where, is Santa, are you going to lead the sleigh if it gets foggy.
Rudy had as much as he could stomach, he rushed at the boys and tackled one of them and started punching the kid until a teacher pulled him off. The young boy received a black eye, a broken nose, 
and a bloody lip. When the parents of the boy came over to the Krinkel’s, Ester Krinkel told the parents, if they did not want their son to get beaten up the way he did you should tell him to keep his mouth shut and not tease other kids. Unfortunately, the teasing and tautening did not slow down, in fact, it got worse. Now the kids would often challenge Rudy, and Rudy was now coming home on a regular basis with all sorts of contusions, cuts, scrapes, & bruises.
Rudy was walking home from school one day when he decided to take a shortcut, this shortcut took him through an alley which had all manner of discarded objects and other junk to be searched through. As he was casually looking and moving things around, he spotted this paper bag behind one of the trash cans. What got his attention was the rubber bands wrapped around the bag. He picked it up took the bands off, and what he found inside changed his life forever. Inside the bag was a very large wad of banknotes (Czech currency or, Koruna’s, Sometimes referred to as Crowns.), mostly CZK – 200, 500, 1,000 and CZK – 2,000, 5,000 banknotes, all rolled up, but that’s not all that was in this bag, there was also a semi-automatic pistol. Rudy guessed correctly that the money and the pistol were the results of a robbery, that did not go well for the robbers. A demonic smile crept onto his face. There were also two extra cartridges holding twelve bullets or projectiles. Will they be surprised when they say something stupid and I pull this baby 
out? I’ll show them!
The next day Rudy is early for school. He has the revolver in his backpack. The bell rings and everyone takes their seat. There’s a little giggling coming from the back of the class. Three girls are talking about something, and apparently, it’s funny enough to generate giggles. The teacher asks the girls in the back what’s so funny, “Perhaps you should share it with the whole class, we could all use a good laugh.”
“We were just laughing about Rudolph and the thought of him with a big red nose,” one of the girls offered to the teacher, and as usual this elicited a hearty laugh from the class, even the teacher wore a smile as she let the laughter die down.
Rudolph Krinkel reaches into his backpack and withdraws the CZ 75 semi-automatic pistol. “I found this pistol yesterday, and I must say it’s changed my life Immensely. Did you know that this gun was produced in our own Czechoslovakia, in 1975? I did a little research so I could inform you all about its history, really there is so much on the internet about this one gun, it is truly amazing. 

The boy in the front of the class who has been one of his main tormentors tries to get Rudy to put the weapon down, bad idea!

‘’Come on Rudy, you have had your fun now put down the gun.”
“Jaque, big man on campus! You know I never liked you, you are so full of yourself.” Rudolph pulls the trigger, there are screams from some of the girls, Jaque Simone is shot in the leg. He’s in a state of shock. “I really don’t like you Jaque, 
in fact, I believe I hate you.” He pulls the trigger twice, this time he hits Jaque in the chest.  Rudolph says loudly with authority “Everyone stays in their seats, if you get up for any reason you will be shot!”
Everybody does as Rudy tells them.
“That’s better, now where is that bitch who thought my big red nose was so hilarious?”
Three students sitting in the front row attempt to escape by dashing for the door, Rudy is too quick for them and Rudy kills all three of them with the machine gun like 
action of his semi-automatic weapon.
“Anyone else wants to be stupid and try and escape?”
Rudy walks to the back of the room. The girls who were giggling are looking at the floor. Rudy knows which one it is, she has a really obnoxious laugh. “Who shall we make fun of today? What about Sylvia, she’s a bit on the chubby side, let’s not mince words she’s fat, a big fat uggo.”
“Rudy, stop STOP STOP!!!” Rudy’s teacher is walking quickly to the back of the classroom.
 “Give me the gun, Rudolph.”Ms. Schtupper tries to get the gun away from Rudy.
“No  Ms. Schtupper, I  did not want to shoot you, I like you”
“You’re on their side, aren’t you? tell me the truth” Rudy accuses Ms. Schtupper.
Rudy raises the revolver and pulls the trigger three times shooting into the abdomen of Ms. Schtupper “
Where is that Sadie 
Blackman? Rudy brings Sadie to the front of the classroom,
”Down on your knees,” she does as she’s told.
“You are a cruel, insensitive girl Sadie Blackman, you deserve to die”
Rudy points the gun barrel at her head,
A bullet pierces the classroom window and hits Rudy in the neck borrowing its way until it hits his spine shattering the whole spinal cord and ending his life. A life that was tragically short, a life that was one large tragic mistake.
The local police rush into the classroom, the Lieutenant in charge of this operation tells his men to take care of the six dead bodies, Sadie Blackman is crying hysterically; the Lieutenant gets a female officer to tend to Sadie.
“Are the rest of you, all, right?” the Lieutenant asks.
The kids who are pretty much in shock, nod their heads absentmindedly.

The sharpshooter that ended Rudolph Krinkel’s life, after seeing how young and innocent his victim was, put his guns away, never using them again. 

The End 


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