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A short spooky Christmas story.

The Devlin

by Rasmine

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“Melissa, come and see the tree.  Mother will be so pleased.  I decorated it just like she wanted.”

Melissa Nelson walked down the stairs of their high-rise apartment.  She glanced at her brother and raised an eyebrow. 

“I wish Mother would move out of this place.  We should have a house in the country; the city bores me.”

Leopold grinned at his twin.  “I thought you liked the city, dear sister.”

Her eyes glowed wickedly under the heavy mascara.  “I,” she quickly looked away to her brother’s dismay, “can’t be free here.”

“What?”   The change in her was uncanny.  It seemed like overnight she became alien to him.  Melissa had a hardness to her face and a light of swords in her eye.  He tried to shake off the apocalyptic feeling.

“Nothing, Leopold.  Let’s get something to eat.”

They both walked through the hallway into the dining room.  A kitchenette was located off this room.  Their maid, Betty, was vacationing for the holidays. 

“Betty is gone until the first so lets just raid the fridge.”  His sister crossed the threshold into the kitchenette and ran to the freezer door.  “I know, ice cream.  I need the chocolate – I mean I will eat the chocolate.”

“But you hate chocolate!”  Maybe she just came to her senses; how could anyone hate chocolate?  He had always wondered that. 

Her eyes regarded him coldly.  “Well, now I like it.” 

He watched her eat the ice cream hungrily, like a starving child.  The change was so odd.  Well, maybe it is just because of the holiday, maybe she is rebelling or something.
Their mother loved the tree; especially the mirrored ornaments that Leopold hung that very afternoon. 

“The ornaments add something super sparkly to the tree.  I just love it!  Thank you, Leopold.” 

He smiled and walked over to the tree to adjust one ornament that was sticking out strangely.  He reached up and grasped it. 

“Ouch!”  Blood trickled down his arm soaking his white linen shirt.  “Damn, now I have to change.” 

He walked out of the living room in thought.  The bulbs weren’t broken at all; they had no nicks or anything.  He turned and that is when he saw his twin looking at him in a way that made him swallow hard, turn, and walk-run to his room.  What the hell was going on with her?
After dinner, he returned to his room to put in his wash.  He wanted his white shirt for tomorrow.  He would wear a red Christmas sweater with it tomorrow, but it wasn’t where he had thrown it. 

What the hell!  I threw it here, now it’s gone!

He spent the next forty-five minutes searching for it.  He couldn’t find it for the life of him.  Betty wasn’t here, so no one would ….

He walked out and headed to Melissa’s room.  He knocked, and there was no answer.  Looking down the hallway, he turned the handle and crept inside.  He stopped; his mouth agape. 

His sister was sitting on her bed, naked, with his bloody shirt in her mouth.  She chewed a bit and then sucked on it.  Leo backed out slowly and quietly closed the door. 

Vampire!  But then again, she was chewing the shirt also.  Weird, maybe, he shook his head.  Tomorrow was Christmas Eve!  Well, maybe he could wear the blue shirt, or go without one at all.  The sweater could be itchy, but ....
The next day, while he was shaving, he noticed two small nicks in his cheek.  He threw the razor down and looked at these holes in the mirror.  Wait!  Vampires go for the neck, not the cheek. 

Maybe I need to tell my sis where to bite.  This thought caused a fearful laugh.  I need to see Paul, he knows all this stuff. 
After a strained breakfast, with Melissa giving him strange looks and an evil grin, he left for his friend Paul’s. 

Thank God, Paul loves all this vampire and monster crap!  He ran down the outdoor steps two at a time. 

Paul Hegari had been his best friend from kindergarten.  His love for the supernatural had been evident to Leopold from the beginning.  That fact made him an interesting and entertaining playmate.  It also helped that Paul lived two apartments down, with his grandmother. 

His friend’s family were gypsies from Sicily.  His grandmother practiced tarot readings and owned a crystal ball.  On Halloween she would open her house for free readings to the children of the neighborhood.  One year, a child was missing, and she was investigated after a rumor surfaced that she ate them for power.  The child returned home the next day; he had run away from home, got hungry, and returned.  The police apologized, but that was the end of her readings for children.

He knocked, and Paul answered.  “Hey, come in.  Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Paul.  I’m not here for that, though.”

As they walked into the living room, Leopold stopped and smiled at the Christmas tree.  It was totally done in all colors of tinsel.  Not one bulb hung from it, only the tinsel, and tiny white lights.  An angel dressed in a pink gown with lacy wings sat on top of the tree. 

“Beautiful, as usual.”

“Nonni’s sleeping, want to go to my room?”


“Wait, help me carry provisions.  Come on.”

They went to the kitchen and raided the fridge.  Leopold carried four cannolis while Paul carried two generous pieces of tiramisu.  He put two cokes in his sweatpants pockets.  They walked into Paul’s bedroom. 

Wow, he cleaned!  Good, we can find things.

After devouring the cannolis, Paul asked him what he wanted to know.

“My sister's changed – I have these two nicks on my cheek, and last night she was sucking blood off my shirt.” 

“Tell me more.”  He grabbed a pad of paper and got ready to write down facts.

Leopold told him all about her looks, her wanting to move to the country, everything.
“I think I heard about this.”  His friend flung the pad aside, grabbed his laptop, and dragged it onto the bed.  After a few seconds of research, he nodded.  “I think you have a devlin.”

“What the fuck is a devlin?!”

“A devlin is kind of like a vampire in their lust for blood.  They will bite anywhere on the body and suck blood, and even suck it off of rags.  But it goes beyond that, when it takes over a person it feeds from the inside out.  Then it just keeps the outer flesh and form.  You will never know it isn’t her, except if she has odd behavior.”

“Well, it’s pretty odd.  Wait!  You mean my sister … is there any hope?” 

Paul looked sadly into his friend’s eyes.  He slowly shook his head.  “No, I’m so sorry, but once a devlin takes over someone they are gone.”

“Man!  Why didn’t I know before?”

His friend looked down the webpage.  “Right here it says the brain is the last they eat.  The thoughts, emotions, mannerisms, are then encapsulated into the monster.  But there will be oddities because they are not perfect.”

“How do I kill it?”

“Drowning is the way, although, it says it may not be a foolproof death.”

“Man, what does that mean?!”

“It means that you may only render it unconscious, but it usually is dead.  Then the article says something that is peculiar.  If the monster sheds the flesh coating it’s in, it becomes free to invade another host.” 

“Sounds like I’m on my own in a way.” 

Paul took the last piece of tiramisu and downed it in three mouthfuls.  “Be careful, man, and make sure that it is a devlin and not your sister flaking out.  Drowning your sister is murder.”

“It’s not her, the way she was sucking my shirt – she was naked, it was like sensual in a way.”

“Man, you’re sick!”

“No, no, not me, her.”

“Well, you want to watch for something else.”


“If it gets hungry for a human being, someone may just disappear.  This is because it eats all the human – bones, marrow, brain, eyes, everything … so if your mom is missing, beware.  You may be next."

“When does your mother leave for her yearly trip to your aunts?"

“Around the end of the first, or the second.  She always stays and makes sure Betty is back before she leaves.”

“Okay.  Let me know if you need any help, please.”

“I will deal with this myself, for now.  I’ll let you know.”
When Leopold got home, he looked around for his mother.  She was nowhere to be seen. 

“Melissa, have you seen Mother?”

“No, I haven’t, Leopold.”

He looked at her, gears turning in his head thinking of a way to trick this devlin.  “Are you hungry?”

“No, I’m quite full.”

He turned away and without a word, walked to his room and shut the door.  Mother is missing and the devlin is full.  Damn!  I should have just called Paul on the phone and not left.  Now when this is over, I have two deaths to mourn.  He felt tears fill his eyes and wiped angrily at them, but not now.  I must act, not feel, at this time.
Mother didn’t show up for Christmas eve carols.  Usually, the three of them sing to all the old carols.  Shit!  Even Melissa isn’t here; she must be totally devoured by now. 

Sighing, he knew what he must do. 
He sat next to the tub on the cool toilet seat.  Leopold nodded his head as he glanced into the tub.  He lower lip shook, and tears sprung to his eyes.  This is what it took. 

His sister lay sprawled in her drowned bed of water.  Water had soaked the floor, but Leo dare not think that someone could be dripped on.  What if they call the superintendent to see what happened in his bathroom? They would never believe!

He stared at his beautiful sister’s flesh and skin.  He frowned, it seemed to deflate.  Weird.  It was dead though.  He closed his eyes and rested his head against the porcelain tiled wall. 

Suddenly, he felt a coolness spread inside of him.  He opened his eyes and quickly stood up.  Maybe it was all the stress and emotional pain welling up inside of him, but all over!  Then he felt a pinch deep inside his gut.  The pinch grew bigger until it was felt all over with the coolness.  The last thought was of how the devlin could survive and move to a new host. 

Christmas Story contest entry


Thank you, Mr. Jones, for your awesome depiction.

Hello, I'm not feeling too good today, so I'm being creative! :D Instead of going to a Christmas party, I wrote this holiday horror story. Enjoy!

TY, to my fellow writers for catching any errors at all!!! SPAGS beware :P
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