Mystery and Crime Fiction posted December 19, 2017

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494 Words - Undercover Cop Buys Drugs

The Buy

by Daniel Wood

After sitting in the cold car for hours, the suspect finally arrived and entered the bar. It was show time. Time for the fun part to begin. If all goes as planned, little Ricky McAllister will put the final nail in his coffin. A cop could not have asked for an easier culprit to track. Ricky loved being the player, the go-to guy. He hit all the popular hangouts and weekend parties. I first met him at a party about six-months ago. I figured him as another small-time punk dealing the man's poison, supporting his habit while trying to make a buck. Ricky became my target after the DEA informed me he had hooked up with one of their prime targets. Their plan was to take down Ricky and flip him to go after Victor Rodriguez, the leader of a Mexican cartel.

A camo-colored cap held my shaggy hair in place. The dirty jeans and flannel gave me a look like any other Joe Blow. My beard had filled in nicely over the course of a year working undercover. It's the first beard I'd grown since my college days. The tinted glasses topped off my disguise and served to deter focus on my eye color. My camo vest hung slightly below my belt, aiding the concealment of my Glock 19.

A few eyes turned my way as I entered. The natural reaction typically requires no attention, but as they went back to their drinks, I detected a pair of eyes locked on me from across the room. Johnny B. Goode was playing on the juke box as I took a seat at a table, left of the door and in front of the window. A brunette with dark eye shadow and red lipstick approached me.

"Whut kin I getcha, honey?"

"Bud Light, thank you."

I watched her ass as she walked away. My gaze ended, as out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ricky approach the gent that had been watching me. Ricky bent over, turning his ear to the heavy-set dude. Ricky glanced my way, our eyes met. I looked away as my beer was being delivered.

"That'll be two-seventy-five honey."

"Keep the change." I said, handing her three bucks.

I had no time to watch her walk away, Ricky was approaching my table.

"How ya doin' Jack-song?"

"Not bad Ricky, what's up?"

"Just lettin' ya know man, I got some bad-ass shit."

"How much?"

"Twenty bucks, or fifty for three."

"Damn, sounds kind of high."

"Oh, but man, this shit's the best."

"Who's that guy over there you were talking to?"

"Who, I talk to everybody." Ricky glances around without looking.

"The fat dude."

Without looking, Ricky answers, "Oh, that's nobody. Just another customer."

"Meet me out back." I became pissed. Ricky lied to me.

We made the exchange with no issues. Sometimes I hated having to act like I was totally stupid. Ricky's day was coming though, real soon.

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