General Fiction posted December 4, 2017

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A love story with a twist.

Matthew, Nancy, and Sarah

by Ogden

"You rotten, miserable excuse for a man," she screamed, knocking over her drink as she drunkenly waved her arms.

"Have a heart, honey," Matthew said calmly, hoping to placate her. "You're needed at home, Nance. Uh, Larry, could you bring us a coffee, buddy? Black," he added. The older man had tactfully made himself noticed behind the bar.

"You have no right to come in here to drag me out, like you own me! You get me so mad! It's goddamn embarrassing, Matt. I mean it this time!"

"Okay, this time, let's face it. .... Sober up, Nancy. We've got a family now. Think about it. You know when you fall off the wagon, you need someone who loves you to put the brakes on. And that's me. You've been so good since Sarah came into our lives, and...."

 "Who's watching her?!" 

"Don't worry, hon, your mom's holding down the fort."

"At leas' you thought of that."  

'You should be home with Sarah, Nance. You've really spoiled her. She whines when you're not home to play with her at night. I try, but it has to be you."

"Excuse me, kids," Burt said quietly, as he put the coffee down. 

"Thanksh, Burt," Nancy slurred, lifting the cup to take a sip. "Thash's good, Matt. I'm sorry. I know I'm an ain in the pass. Oh geez! I'm sho silly. Awlluva shudden, I'm talkin' all gobbled. Did you hear what I jus' said?"

"Yeah, you like the coffee." 

"No, I shed you're a shilly ash. Did mom bring Sare's new toy? We left it at her place. Sare plays wid it a few minnis, and f'gets all 'bout it."

"Well, that's what dogs do. C'mon, let's go home."

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