General Fiction posted December 4, 2017

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Life in the 60s and 70s

Life on Feathered Wings

by poetwatch

As I sit behind this wall of forgetfulness, I ponder on the life before me. I see no future with open arms waiting, all I see is sadness in my soul. Once the world was at my feet, begging me to come out and play. Well, I did and had the grandest of times. I had ladies slurping on some sugar snacks while I sucked on some beer. Drinking tea was not for me, but... I drank my share. We had fun running nude under the moonlight. Hell, we even streaked in the light of day. That was my way of showing off my washboard abs. My lady smiles at what I say. Being gay was being happy, and silly was the only way to be. Love was living a life and eating your treats. Sharing and caring walked hand-in-hand. There were no color barriers, no wall to distance ourselves from our friends. We were one, we were united, and peace was a word that rang true in those days.

How time flies, and on its feathered wings the happiness of life. Now, I see my friends, those that survived the world's chaos, struggling to make ends meet, in a miserable existence that our leaders call life. Gone is that loving heart, for no one cares for the ancient, their wisdom comes ingrained in the cell phone. All those lovely, loving ladies that smiled so warmly are weaving webs in the fabric of time, remembering the fun and the rotten deals they got from us Romeos. Yeah, that was life. Now, most of us can't streak anymore and need help to cross the street. Those that can still jog run out of breath and my abs are hitting the floor. Being gay is two people walking hand-in hand forward in this life. They still share and care and color is no barrier, but we were different. Time changed more than I care for, but that is life. What hurts me the most is that people are not united. Peace is just a word that has lost its taste. War is the in thing. Hate your neighbor, hate your friend, kill them if you can, are the screams heard in the streets.

I see the roads that lie before me. All lead to destruction. We, being happy in our time forgot to share our passions with those coming and climbing over us. They are in control. Well, my time is almost over. My mind wants to wander in The Well. I've taken too much of your time and need my sleep. I see one good thing this generation brought to life. I don't have to walk too far to call my friends.

"Honey, where's that cell phone?"

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Thank you greentop for waving the flag. For those that like to know "The Well" is in the internet. It's about a whole lot of people talking about the now in life. Check it out. I just found it cause I just wrote this.
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