General Fiction posted November 29, 2017

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Flash Fiction Contest Entry

Grumpy in the Morning

by Ogden

As always, the alarm clock woke me to calming melodies of light rock, which I was enjoying over breakfast when the telephone rang. Who in hell calls at five in the morning?

I jumped up, uneasily grabbing the phone off the wall, and grumbled, "Yeah?"
An unfamiliar voice replied, Yeah!
Me: Whaddya want?
The Voice: Who wants to know?
Me: You're wasting my time.
The Voice: Sorry, Eddie, Ralph here. I just wanted to see if I could fool you.
Me: I'm not Eddie!
The Voice: Sorry, wrong number. (Click.)
Me: Too bad, interesting guy... and I was just getting to like him. Maybe he'll call back. 
Me: Hello Ralph. I'm not gay.
My Mom: Neither am I, and I'm not Ralph. 
Me: I know you're neither, Mom.
Mom: I'm glad we can have these little heart-to-hearts, honey. Take care. (Click)

My Mom's a kidder.

100 Word Story writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story that is between 100 and 150 words. The trick is you must use the following words: breakfast, light, rock, phone, clock

150 words, exactly. Prompt requires 100 to 150 of them.
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