Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted November 26, 2017

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Christmas time is the hardest time for me.

Too Much Happiness Can Make Me Sad

by Liberty Justice

***Too much happiness can make me sad.***

You can wish me Merry Christmas,
And, I won't get mad.
But, don't sing me
no jingle bells.
I'm grieving inside
can't you tell?

***Too much happiness can make me mad!***

I'll eat your
tasty fruitcake.
And, everything else you bake.
Love to drink creamy eggnog.
Toast marsh mellows
by fiery logs.

Yeah, "chestnuts can be roasting
on an open fire,
and Jack Frost can be nipping
at my nose,"
But, my weeping heart knows,
that's as far as it goes.

***Too much happiness can make me sad!***

Don't you sing me
no Silent Night,
because "All is not calm, and,
"All is not bright.
Because you just might,
Stir up memories
of old,
When I had a love to hold.

Please don't play me
no Joy to the World,
because ain't no joy
for this poor girl!

***Too much merriment can make me feel really bad.***

Sure, I'll buy everyone
a gift or two.
Even accept gifts for myself, too.
Don't wrap it up, just
throw it in a brown paper bag.
Leave your name on it inside the tag.

But, don't want no friends
kissing me under no mistletoe.
Or, I might just tell him where to go.
Christmas times bring back memories
when I was young and in love.
Memories are too painful,
now, I don't have my turtle dove.

Don't you try to make me laugh,
because my broken heart
will just cry.
Don't you dare ask me what's
wrong, because you already
know who and why.

If you try to force merry
making on me,
I'm gonna walk right
out that door.
Bet you want see me till after
Christmas when ya'll ain't
celebrating no more.

***Too much happiness will make me sad***

I don't want to see no
sparkling Christmas tree.
Just leave me alone;
let me be.
I'l just lock myself up
in my room,
curl up in bed, watching tv.

Say my hello's and my goodbye's.
Tell everybody that I'm ill.
In the morning, I will call them,
when the house is quiet and STILL!



Feelings writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem sharing an emotional feeling about something such as: life, death, war, injustice, marriage,loneliness, loss, hope, laughter, or a subject that might not be listed. Express an emotion such as fear, anxiety, love, hate, disgust, indifference, etc.

I used to love Christmas when I was young and in love, and my Mother, Father, brother, stepfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and even, my cats and dogs were still alive.

But, now, I don't really have barely anyone to celebrate Christmas with.I'm crying now, as I'm writing these Author Notes. I almost always cry when I write or read something really sad. I'm too dang freaking "emotional", too sensitive.

***NOTE:*** I want to be perfectly clear. I am a Christian, and I worship God and Jesus Christ. Also, I believe in Christmas as the birthday of Christ; but, I just worship in silence. AMEN. I watch suspenseful movies, including Christian movies.

Hey, my children, dogs and I don't have any money to buy a tree or presents, anyway! We are barely surviving the storms of life, ever since I was laid off my job a while back. Basically, I'm a quiet, shy and private person, and don't like sharing bits and pieces of my life and my emotions; however the holiday spirits bring out

ALMOST EVERYBODY'S EMOTIONS SO I'M GOING TO TELL IT ALL. So, get ready for the freaking adventure of your life, because I got a million true adventures.

"Excuse me a minute while I open up another box of pink silky Klennex."

"Ok, I'm back. Let me continue."

I can't feel the spirit of Christmas. All I do is cry on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I have to put my tv on mute, look away or change the channel when all those bright, beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas with happy family play all over the tv.

This is the time of year, depressed and sad people should be watched and comforted real carefully, because the suicide rate goes up higher during the holidays. Too much happiness can make people sad. Too much merriment can make people "Jump!"
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