General Poetry posted November 23, 2017

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The experience of heightened senses

Ode to Hemp

by IndigoLady

Nature's own medicinal plant for recreation
For me, a happy short term welcome respite
The cares and woes of my day in cessation
Can't imagine why it is still illicit

Transporting us to heightened sensual excitation
Concentrated attention lavishly increases experience
Minor discomfort can easily to great pain burgeon
Quickly learn to place focus on pleasure's essence

Mundane observable visual images may enthrall
Snowflake drifting lazily on a clear winter's night
Illumined in headlights on the windshield did fall
Beautiful crystal lace fully permeating line of sight

Crescendo of dulcet tones euphonious and harmonic
Hearkening to the tumescence of sound-evoked emotion
Every nerve cell rapturously transported and cosmic
Acoustic alliance to omniscient spirituality sans doctrine

Pavlovian mouth-watering elicited by unquenchable appetite
Orgasmic sensual pleasure of chocolate melting on tongue
Continued ingestion even after bloated from gluttonous surfeit
Enhanced delectation of flavor mitigated by immoderation

Susurration of ceiling fan with cool breezes caressing skin
Stroking silken fur of my cats, the most sensual of creatures
Wet kisses of the sandpaper tongue of my dog licking my chin
Evanescent hedonist contentment of life's transcendent pleasures

Wrist to nose drinking in the bouquet of my favorite perfume
Incense burning suffusing the room with a musky fragrance
Olfactory assault of the Hoya house plant in full bloom
Chinese food warming in the oven with a spicy pungence

Friends sharing uncontrolled and unprovoked giggling
Friday night end of work week stress rapidly dissolving
Feeling sensually alive each nerve ending vibrating
Languidly stretching, perfect contentment, I feel like purring

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