General Poetry posted November 20, 2017

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Pix This Challenge Group: 11.20.2017

You Must Know What I Mean

by Jacqueline M Franklin

Pix This Challenge Group
Free Verse w/random rhyming and rhythm

Dedicated to our ‘homeless, and forgotten vets’.


“You Must Know What I Mean”
Oh, I’m just like them
you must know what I mean
Although I get thirsty
they quench theirs willy-nilly
 my mouth remains dry as a bone
unless I obtain free water—willy-nilly
Even when I’m the hungriest
with stomach craving food never-ending
I’m pleased they can feed theirs—never-ending
They enjoy relaxing on sunny days
just as I do, too, on this hard concrete—but
they have a chaise to rest their weariness upon
I like taking walks, just like them—save
I’ve no sandals to wear upon my filthy feet—but
life’s not fair as blisters plague me in the summertime
yet, they’re extremely fine in their fancy designer flip-flops
Of course, in winter, my toes at times turn quite blue—as
my only boots, quite frankly, have holes all-through
unlike their comfy sneakers, loafers and more
I don’t mind wearing the same clothes
or my thin jacket I wear as needed
even though they have new
they so choose

—While I was away—
   Dad lost his job one winter’s day
soon after, the whiskey took control of him
then on Thanksgiving, back in 2013—he went away
Mother said, “He’ll come back someday
because dreams do come true, baby girl”—but
 she found out the hard way, some dreams just never do
Sad to say, I lost Mother last year
she needed medicine we couldn’t afford—and
the doctor turned her away, since we couldn’t pay
I confess, losing baby sister two months after Mother’s demise
 thanks to her boyfriend who purchased them an illegal high   
 turned to tragedy—they both were such a dreadful sight
No worries though, after all, I’m fine—I’m still alive
considering all that’s befallen me since my return
because you see, I have a home—just like them
who have electricity, TV’s, lights and more  
My cardboard box has light, too, so I can
peek right through those cracks—but
theirs is of mortar and brick—while
my lovely palace is tolerable at best

It’s all complimentary, you see,
thanks to someone’s generosity
and a precious roll of—duct tape
When strangers walk right up to me
with pointed finger while staring unabashedly
believe they have the right to pass judgment upon me
even have audacity to say I’m lazy, and am going nowhere
I smile at them behind this well-honed
but sad frown, because I don’t allow them to see
the shattered soul and demons that live deep within me
while away, helping to protect them in that cruel, unfair war
They don’t care—because
they choose to believe whatever, then
  they can keep intact, their self-conceived—integrity
No-never mind about me, though, as I have learned tolerance within
because someday karma will come full circle, and then they’ll see
I’ll not shed a single tear over their woebegone shell of a soul
Until then, just let them live with their false superiority
since they’ll never understand the true reality

—although I’m sure—
 you must know what I mean

©Copyright ‘2017’ (LOC)
Jacqueline M Franklin


=Marina Kay =^= Homeless=
=POEM: You Must Know What I Mean

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